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FSB Completed OGaming Migration in Less Than Two Months

FSB has successfully completed a platform migration for OGaming, giving the supplier access to the company’s .COM and regional market domains. 

OGaming Finds New Tech Platform in FSB’s Face 

FSB is now breaking ground into more markets after it has announced that German iGaming group OGaming has hired and completed integration with FSB as their primary platform provider. This tie-up allows FSB to further expand its sportsbook and PAM presence on the .COM domain and other regional platforms that OGaming owns. 

OGaming has made a full shift to FSB voting the tech-stack platform trust and confidence in the matter. FSB has come above and beyond in this new partnership as the company managed to complete the entire onboarding process in less than two months, shifting all operations from OGaming’s previous supplier to FSB’s own platform instead.

Commenting on the success of the integration, FSB argued that its agile technology stack solution was at the core of this success. FSB took care of both the technical side and ensured that its product and OGaming’s offer are regulatory compliant to meet new challenges and bring a trusted product to the end-consumer. 

Growing Jurisdictional Presence and Building Trust 

FSB CEO Dave McDowell had this to say: “This partnership with OGaming is significant for FSB as it further grows our global jurisdictional presence, marks our arrival as a major platform provider across Europe, and proves that we can win significant business from our key competitors.”

McDowell commended the team on the fast integration that has been achieved. It was a busy two months where FSB had to move quickly and integrate data from the previous platform provider and customize it for FSB’s own product while making sure that it meets Germany’s regulatory norm. 

That included a specific compliance requirement for dual wallet integration. McDowell was confident that this success demonstrated the company’s flexibility and agility in delivering next-generation technology solutions and was a testament to the team’s own commitment to making things happen at FSB. 

A Next-Level Experience for Players 

OGaming executive chairman Tom Golding added: “FSB not only met but exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to be powering our brands with their technology in such a short space of time.”

Golding explained that OGaming had made the shift to FSB in pursuit of a next-level experience that players prefer. FSB is not only focusing on the European market. 

In a previous conversation with FSB, the company’s VP of Ops, North America, Bob Akeret, spoke to us about the company’s ambitions in the United States and the Latin American markets.   

Earlier this year, FSB struck a strategic agreement with USBookmaking, and it expanded its executive lineup by appointing Keith Laidlaw to the company’s advisory board. 


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