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FSB Adopts Trust Payments’ Solutions

FSB Technology, an award-winning global sports betting and iGaming supplier, has joined forces with the payment provider Trust Payments. FSB’s goal is to enhance its clients’ players’ payment experiences throughout the FIFA World Cup soccer championship.

FSB and Trust Payments Teamed Up

FSB shared that it is proud of the opportunity to offer Trust Payments’ payment gateways throughout its highly scalable platform. The supplier noted that many operators, including the sportsbooks Fitzdares and Bet Goodwin, are already benefiting from this agreement.

FSB noted that the current World Cup is a first of its kind as it is the first to take place in the winter. To celebrate the occasion, FSB provided fans with four fast-paced games in a row each day. FSB explained that this initiative was made possible by the Trust Payments TRY Connect payment gateway, which has allowed the supplier’s partners to keep up with the growing demand for in-game wagering.

The sports betting supplier added that FSB and Trust Payments are using specialized tools to reduce fraud and ensure healthy betting experiences for professional soccer enthusiasts. Thanks to this, players can enjoy smooth deposits and withdrawals and not bother with trivialities while enjoying the most exciting soccer event of the year. If they do encounter problems, however, they should rest easy as Trust Payments’ solutions are backed by 24/7 support.

In addition, Trust Payments offers a selection of responsible gambling tools that punters can use to moderate their spending behavior.

The World Cup’s Importance Cannot Be Understated

Rio Broadfoot, Trust Payments’ head of gaming, spoke about the agreement with FSB. He pointed out that the World Cup is a major sporting occasion for bettors all over the world and said that his team is happy to team up with FSB for the occasion. Broadfoot noted that he is delighted to provide FSB, its partnering operators and their clients with enhanced support around transactions.

Our technology will help to deliver high approval and authorization rates, betting protection for users and a smooth pay-in and pay-out experience throughout all 64 games.

Rio Broadfoot, head of gaming, Trust Payments

Achilleas Chrysafis, FSB Technology’s head of platform, agrees that the World Cup is of crucial significance to the sports and sports betting sectors. He noted that his company’s global partners are going to use the occasion to drive customer acquisition and retention. Because of that, it is very important to provide them with robust payment solutions during the global soccer competition. Chrysafis concluded that Trust Payments was the perfect partner for FSB.

As an award-winning global platform provider it’s imperative that we work with the best third-party services to enhance partner and player experiences.

Achilleas Chrysafis, head of platform, FSB Technology

Two weeks ago, FSB enhanced its team with new hires and inked a few new partnership agreements.


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