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FOX Bet Brings “Big Papi” as MLB Analyst to Weigh in on 2021 Season

FOX Bet adds Big Papi as MLB analyst for the rest of the 2021 baseball season to bring recreational and competitive bettors valuable insights into upcoming games. 

Big Papi Ortiz to Speak His Mind with FOX Bet 

The FOX Bet team is getting a serious boost in the face of former Boston Red Sox ace and FOX MLB analyst David “Big Papi” Ortiz. He will be joining the team for the rest of the 2021 season and bring his own deep understanding of the game, creating numerous opportunities for sports fans to learn from and act upon. The MLB All-Star game coverage will be accompanied by Ortiz’s own piece of sports wisdom, which he will be imparting generously to baseball-hungry fans.

To celebrate this tie-up, FOX Bet will make sure that the FOX Bet Super 6 app, the free-to-play betting platform by FOX, will feature the “Win Big Papi’s Money” in a bid to incentivize recreational bettors to place their predictions and see how far they can get. 

The contest will be available starting from Saturday, June 19. Users will be able to cash out through the initiative on weekends throughout the remainder of the season. Ortiz will also be contributing to the real money sportsbook app as well, making for a well-rounded experience and not adding any pressure on what type of bettors you are or ought to be.

“I love working for FOX Sports, and joining the FOX Bet team is just a natural progression for me. I can’t wait to give my insights to all the fans out there and give them a chance to win some cash,” said Ortiz, whose career makes him the ideal candidate for an analytical position in anything that happens in the MLB. 

Building a Product Worthy of Sports Fans  

The premise of the contest is simple. The tournament will pose six questions pertaining to innings 7, 8, and 9, with bettors trying to get the outcome right. Essentially, FOX Bet is introducing sports fans to prop betting. Excitement was shared not just by Ortiz, though.

FOX Bet CMO Andrew Schneider said that the company was excited to have David Big Papi on board and touted him as one of the best players in the history of the game. “As Super 6 continues to grow,” Schneider said, “Big Papi is going to bring his signature style to even more fans on our popular platform.”

FOX Bet has been struggling to catch up to the market leaders in the sports gambling market in the United States. Regardless, the company has done its best to capitalize on innovation rather than trying to catch up to others’ existing offers.

Thanks to the company’s access to media coverage and exposure, FOX has been building a native betting product that provides added value for sports fans. Various partnerships with proven athletes have been a way forward.

FOX has been able to attract numerous commentators and analysts with an extensive history in their respective fields, including Hall of Famer’s Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, and Shannon Sharpe

FOX NASCAR analyst Clint Bowyer and FOX NFL KICKOFF presenter Charissa Thompson are other popular names from the world of sport. FOX Bet Super 6 app has also been quite the success with over 100 million contest entries so far since it launched in September 2019.

There have been over 50,000 winners, and the platform clocked a pivotal 1.4 million entries during the Super Bowl LV Super 6 alone! 


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