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Football Association Charges Mitch Clark with Betting Violations

Between February 2022 and March 2023, the player placed a total of 312 wagers on dozens of soccer matches, the FA noted

Mitch Clark, a player for the British soccer team Accrington Stanley FC, has been found guilty of breaching the English Football Association’s (FA) rules concerning wagering. The association learned that the athlete was a regular bettor, in violation of its wagering rules.

As outlined in Rule E8, all English soccer players from level eight and above are prohibited from wagering on games anywhere in the world. Such measures seek to protect the integrity of the sport and prevent fraud such as match-fixing.

However, in spite of these rules, Clark went on to wager on dozens of soccer matches. According to the FA, the athlete placed a whopping total of 312 bets on soccer between February 8, 2022, and March 10, 2023.

This is a serious breach that may impact Clark’s future career. The soccer player was given until May 17 to comment on the matter and explain his violations.

Clark Is a Promising Young Player

The 24-year-old signed with Accrington Stanley FC in August 2021. This means that all of his illegal bets were placed while he was a part of the team.

Prior to joining Accrington Stanley FC, Clark played for Leicester City. He joined the latter team in 2019 when he signed a three-year contract. The player was placed in Steve Beaglehole’s under-23 squad but was eventually lent to Port Vale.

Clark’s career began at the Academy team of Aston Villa. During his time with the club, Clark played with the under-23 team that won the Premier League Cup during the 2017–18 season.

Wagering Violations Plague Pro Sports

The majority of professional sports leagues have rules in place that prevent their players from participating in wagering activities. Unfortunately, breaches happen all the time. In January, the FA suspended Chris Maguire over similar violations. This, on the other hand, followed another case where the FA charged Ivan Toney with betting allegations.

Meanwhile, some leagues allow players to wager on other sports but prohibit them from wagering on the premises of their training facilities. This was exactly the case with five NFL players who were recently found guilty of engaging in gambling in their practice facility. Neither player had bet on NFL games but some of them were still released after the incident.

Since the NFL strictly prohibits wagering in NFL-related facilities, the players in question were suspended for six games.


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