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FA Charges Ivan Toney with Further Betting Allegations

Soccer star Ivan Toney is facing further charges from the Football Association adding allegations for further breaches for betting

Brentford striker and soccer star, Ivan Toney, is facing further charges alleging breaches for betting, the Football Association (FA) has announced.

Ivan Toney Faces Further FA Charges over Alleged Betting Breaches

The FA charged Toney with additional 30 charges, alleging that the soccer star breached its rules on betting between March 2017 and February 2019. The Association claimed that during this period, Toney breached FA rule E8 on 30 different occasions. In light of the additional charges against the player, he is given a deadline until January 4, 2023, to respond to the FA.

In addition to the previous charge, it is alleged that the Brentford FC forward breached FA Rule E8 a further 30 times between 14 March 2017 and 18 February 2019,

explained the Football Association

After the details were released by the FA, Brentford FC submitted a response, confirming that it was informed about the additional charges against Toney. The FC explained that it will continue to collaborate with Toney and his legal counsel and conduct private discussions on the topic. Brentford FC refrained from sharing further information at this point.

Our private discussions with Ivan and his legal representatives on this matter continue,

reads a statement released by Brentford FC

The Betting Allegations against the Soccer Star Increase

The additional charges increase the number of betting allegations against Toney from 232 to 262. Back in November, the soccer player was charged with 232 alleged breaches of the FA rules on betting. At the time, the FA claimed that the breaches occurred between February 2017 and January 2021. Now, judging by the latest development, the number of alleged breaches rises but additional details are yet to be confirmed.

Upon facing the initial charges, Toney said on social media that he is assisting the FA with their probe. “I am a proud Englishman and it has always been my childhood dream to play for my country at a World Cup Finals,” wrote the soccer player at the time. Since November, Toney hasn’t posted anything via social media on the topic. Still, back then, online users showed support for the soccer player.

Betting by professional athletes isn’t forbidden only with soccer but for other sports such as hockey, baseball and tennis. In fact, only recently, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), announced bans against a Chilean and Chinese player but the sanctions did not come because of betting, but rather match-fixing allegations.


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