Flutter Announced New Workforce Engagement Committee

Flutter Entertainment, the owner of gaming brands Betfair, Paddy Power, PokerStars, and FanDuel, announced a new initiative aimed at its workforce with the establishment of a new Committee of the Board.

New Workforce Engagement Mechanism on Board Level

The Workforce Engagement Committee established with effect from June 15, 2021, will look to enhance engagement of the Board of Directors with the 14,000 employees from 75 different nationalities across 5 continents.

Looking to actively embrace the diverse perspectives involved in global business, the new committee which is set to replace the Employee Voice Forum established by Flutter in accordance with employee engagement recommendations of the 2018 Corporate Governance Code in the UK, will provide the Board with a new mechanism to actively engage with its workforce.

“As a diverse international Group, we recognise the important role our workforce plays in our success. The establishment of the new Workforce Engagement Committee will provide a clear mechanism for the Board to listen to the views of our workforce and take account of these views in the Board’s decision-making process.”

Gary McGann, Chair, Board of Directors, Flutter Entertainment

The main goal of the new committee will be to monitor and facilitate the process of engagement within the global gaming group and establish a meaningful dialogue between the company and its employees. Further, by enhancing the level of Board awareness related to employee matters, Flutter is looking to facilitate its decision-making process.

The Workforce Engagement Committee will be responsible for the appropriate engagement policies across the global gaming group, internal communication processes and channels between the group’s divisions, and participation and feedback from workforce initiatives.

The committee will also be tasked with keeping the Board informed on issues raised by employees and other stakeholders that may have a material impact on the workforce.

Workforce Improvement Initiatives

The establishment of the Workforce Engagement Committee is the latest initiative aimed at workforce improvements undertaken by Flutter. The operator, which regularly publishes its annual Gender Pay Gap report, introduced in February a Group Director of Inclusion and Diversity.

Later in the same month, Flutter introduced changes to its non-executive director roles by the appointment of Nancy Dubuc and Holly Koeppel to boost issues like gender balance and diversity in the business.

Nancy Dubuc is now appointed as a member of the Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee, while Holly Koeppel became a member of the Audit Committee, Risk Committee and Nomination Committee, Flutter revealed in the announcement.

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