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Five Armed Thugs Rob Casino Employee in Bellevue, Washington

The robbers barged into the victim's home carrying guns, held the victim at gunpoint and stole personal belongings

It is not uncommon for casinos or casino visitors to become victims of robberies. Considering that retail gambling venues often operate with large sums of cash, this makes them attractive to criminals, some of whom are willing to pull off scams while others engage in violent crimes such as robberies with the help of firearms. Besides casino visitors, sometimes casino employees may fall victim to such unlawful activities.

This is the case of a casino employee from Bellevue, Washington, who was attacked by armed individuals earlier this week. The Bellevue Police Department released details regarding the incident on Tuesday. Law enforcement confirmed that in the early morning hours of February 6, 2024, they received a call about an armed robbery.

Armed Culprits Storm the Victim’s Residence

The incident occurred at the Sunset Village apartment complex, at the 12800 block of SE 40th Place in Bellevue. The victim, whose name was not disclosed, reportedly worked at a casino in Skyway. Upon returning home to Bellevue, the casino employee was attacked at their home by five armed individuals.

Police responded to a call at approximately 4:43 AM on Tuesday about an armed robbery. Upon investigating the case, they uncovered that the five armed suspects forced their way into the casino employee’s home. After breaking into the apartment, some of the thugs held the victim at gunpoint, while others stole different personal belongings.

Officers responded and learned that the victim, an employee at a casino in Skyway, had returned home to Bellevue and was confronted by five armed suspects,

reads a statement released by the Bellevue Police Department

So far, law enforcement suspects that the casino employee was followed home after they left their workplace. The Bellevue Police Department revealed that there is a reoccurring pattern of similar robberies in the past within the same region.

The recent report doesn’t disclose whether or not the victim was harmed during the armed robbery. An investigation into the case is currently ongoing.

Elsewhere, two suspects were arrested for their alleged involvement in an armed robbery at an illegal gambling venue in Queens, New York. The arrests were completed by the FBI, following an investigation into an incident dating back to July that left one person injured by gunshots.


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