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FITE to Stream the RLWC in North America

The Rugby League World Cup is just around the corner. The highly-anticipated sports event will begin in a week and will see the best rugby teams clash over the champion’s title. As anticipation continues to build up, FITE, an American digital video streaming service, will stream the games in North America.

FITE to Stream the RLWC

FITE is a platform that is mostly focused on covering combat sports. However, as of recently, the streaming specialist has been slowly expanding its content with broadcasts from other sports. The platform hopes that covering events other than martial arts will help it grow and attract new audiences.  

Right now, FITE boasts over six million subscribers worldwide. FITE+ subscribers will get full access to all of the Rugby League World Cup’s men’s events. The company announced that it plans to add full coverage of the women’s and wheelchair matches as well. In addition, FITE will offer pay-per-view options to those who don’t have a FITE+ subscription and do not wish to subscribe.

Michael Weber, FITE’s chief operating officer, said:

We’re proud that FITE has risen above the sports media scrum and won the largest amount of territories for this major COVID-delayed event. The Rugby League World Cup has recognized our reach and reliability in trusting us to deliver this to fans worldwide. This marks FITE’s first major move beyond its core in combat sports — even though Rugby is certainly full contact enough to keep our longtime viewers very, very happy.

Michael Weber, COO, FITE

Doug Jacobs, president of Integrated Sports Media, which distributes the RLWC, also commented on the matter:

Rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States and we’re thrilled to be distributing Rugby League World Cup 2021 to American and international fans. Elite teams and rugby players will be in action throughout the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Doug Jacobs, president, ISM

More About the RLWC

The RLWC 2021 kicks in on October 15 and will take place in England. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for last year’s edition of the RLWC ended up getting scrapped, hence why the current edition has 2021 in its title. The new event marks a return to pro rugby and will welcome the 16 best men’s teams, 8 of the best women’s teams and 8 of the best wheelchair teams. During all events, the teams will be split into groups of four.

The reigning world champion, Australia, will also be present at the event. Many believe that the Australian team is one of the strongest contenders and is very likely to keep its title. William Hill seems to favor that idea as it has given the Australians odds of -227 to emerge victorious. Some are assured that New Zealand might be Australia’s strongest contender with sportsbooks placing the team at around +333.

The Rugby League World Cup will begin in a week and will open with a game between England and Samoa in a match that is set to take place at the St James’ Park stadium. NA sports enthusiasts who wish to see everything the RLWC has to offer can hop on to FITE’s platform and subscribe to FITE+ in order to keep up with the action.


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