March 9, 2022 3 min read


Finixio Enters Japanese, German, and Balkan Betting Markets

Following its declared 2022 goals to expand, affiliate publisher Finixio has announced the addition of five new markets to its sports betting inventory. The company will launch new sports betting portals in Japan, Germany, and the Balkan region.

All New Portals Are Fully Localized and Use Bespoke UX

Finixio gradually planned to make its entrance on the new markets by making a series of preparations and important acquisitions. For example, the global digital media that runs leading tech products in iGaming, trading, cryptocurrency, finance, business software, and health has acquired a valuable bookmaker domain called 

The acquisition of this domain will help the company follow through with its bold and clear plans to enter the Balkan market. With the help of the new domain, Finixio will launch its brand new betting community that will serve the regulated betting markets in Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia in the Balkan region.

The company also plans on further penetrating the European market through the launch of a German portal that will host reviews for the German public. has been entirely customized to match German bettors’ needs and expectations. The portal has also been prepared to enter the new betting market in the country while strictly complying with the regulations under the GlüNeuRStv.

As for the Japanese market, Finixio has announced the launch of the portal that will cater to the needs of the sports fans in Japan with the help of both a news portal and a bookmaker review product. Both products will cover all popular sports markets in the country, including sumo, baseball, and horseracing, with fresh and updated results included.

Founder Adam Grunwerg highlighted the fact that each of these new portals will be fully localized and compatible with the market it will reach while running on completely customized UX. All these solutions are necessary for anticipation of Finixio reaching its 2022 goals and becoming the number one online trading affiliate on the globe.

Finixio Keeps a Close Eye on Upcoming Regulated Sports Betting Markets

With the undeniable expansion of regulated sports betting markets at an international level, 2018-launched Finixio plans on keeping up with the trends and harnessing the huge potential brought by new and emerging markets like Canada, Brazil, Chile, and Ukraine.

While the company is already busy operating in major markets such as the US, the UK, Australia, Asia, Scandinavia, or the Gulf States, Finixio continues to create customized solutions to stay on its toes. Finixio specializes in developing and using top-notch tools, user ratings, and top-tier industry news to serve even more markets in the near future. The three new betting portals added to its portfolio will help it grow its affiliate network to over 50 websites.

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