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Fiaz-Baker Boxing Rematch Cancelled Due to Suspicious Betting Activities

The promoter Eddie Hearn launched an investigation into the matter, enlisting the support of the UK Gambling Commission and the British Boxing Board of Control

Promoter Eddie Hearn canceled the super-featherweight rematch between Aqib Fiaz and Kane Baker just hours before the fight, claiming that it was due to irregular betting activities. The match had been scheduled as part of the undercard for Tyler Denny’s European middleweight title bout against Felix Cash in Birmingham.

Hearn Initiates Investigation into Fiaz-Baker Rematch Cancellation

Hearn’s promotional company Matchroom Boxing said that it had been called off because of “unforeseen circumstances” and that the rest of the event would go ahead. But Hearn revealed that he had suspicions about betting irregularities around it.

After being informed of irregular betting patterns, Hearn initiated his own investigation with the help of the UK Gambling Commission and the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC). He pulled the bout following their discoveries and said that during the 15 years, he has been working as a promoter he has never been in a more difficult situation.

Hearn commented in a statement for iFL TV: “Myself and the team had to react to it, we spoke to the BBofC and I decided to pull the fight pending an investigation that will take place. I’m sure the board will be making further comments as they will be looking into it.”

Fiaz and Baker Vehemently Deny Involvement in Match-Fixing

Both fighters involved have denied any involvement in the alleged gambling scheme. Aqib Fiaz, who beat Kane Baker during their first meeting last year, said on social media that he was unaware of what had happened and has been told not to comment while inquiries continue. 

Kane Baker also firmly denied any wrongdoing and insisted he was prepared for any probe. Baker further announced on Instagram: “I would like to let my people know that there have been no illegal bets made from me my team or anyone I know. I would never be bribed into losing a fight and I have never placed a bet for myself to lose in my whole career and I believe my fights and record show this.”

The BBBofC has taken up the case to investigate what exactly has gone wrong. This incident is the first of its kind in boxing history and highlights the problem of gambling integrity within the sport. Therefore, until this inquiry concludes both competitors Fiaz and Baker along with their supporters cannot be sure about when or if they might meet again.

However, even though there were some questions about fairness surrounding other fights on this card – Tyler Denny still managed to win against Felix Cash who was considered unbeatable by many. 


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