FaZe Clan Welcomes DraftKings as Special Betting, iGaming and F2P Partner

FaZe Clan has added DraftKings as the esports powerhouse’s official iGaming, sports betting, daily fantasy, and free-to-play partner. The partnership is another landmark tie-up between a sports gambling company and an esports organization.

The two companies will work on numerous activations to involve esports fans and get them introduced to DraftKings’ products while doing the same for DraftKings’ native audiences. DraftKings and FaZe will work on various activations that will feature some of the esports organization’s best-known faces, including Adapt, Temperrr, Nate Hill, Swagg, and Nuke Squad. 

Esports, Sports, and Content Meet Up 

FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink is confident that the partnership is a natural tie-up between the organizations as many of FaZe’s own followers are also passionate about sports, adding:

“The DraftKings deal is a natural move for FaZe Clan as our members and fans are avid followers of traditional sports, and this gives us the opportunity to further propel our talent and brand into the mainstream.”

Trink is confident that both DraftKings and FaZe shared an understanding of what the world of sports and entertainment, esports included, have to offer and how they overlap in what he describes as a “cultural crossover.” 

Understandably, the partnership will result in a strong brand presence for both companies across each other’s media channels, custom content, live streams, tournaments, and other formats explored by each entity separately. 

FaZe Clan is a dedicated esports outfit and the first to be featured on Sports Illustrated’s cover, a token to the status that competitive video gaming has achieved in mainstream media and even sports. 

FaZe, though, has never relied exclusively on being a competitive esports outfit. Even though the team is represented in games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, among others, it has never relented from its content-production arm, which exploded during the pandemic, bringing fresh dividends for the company. 

FaZe Focuses on Esports and Entertainment Content 

DraftKings, though, is happy to increase its presence in the esports segment, which is now consumed by millions of fans worldwide. As recognition of DraftKings’s involvement with FaZe Clan, the latter partner will add the DraftKings’ brand to its Counter-Strike esports team, with the players now sporting the company’s logo on their team jerseys. 

DraftKings co-founder and president for North America, Matt Kalish, has spared FaZe Clan no praise and said that the team is a “juggernaut of internet engagement and culture.” Kalish further described FaZe as an influential content and esports organization, attesting to the successful multi-pronged formula FaZe Clan has been cultivating over the years. 

Millions of viewers will now be converging on the companies’ joint products, the executive explained, referring to both FaZe and DraftKings’ respective audiences numbering millions of viewers and followers worldwide. 

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