January 25, 2023 3 min read


Fast Track Creates AI Model for Automated Content and Campaigns

Fast Track has created a technology model based on artificial intelligence to help operators automatically generate campaigns and content

After integrating Greco’s gameplay risk engine to improve operational marketing efficiencies for its clients just last week, the provider of customer relationship management solutions has launched a fresh artificial intelligence (AI) language technology. 

Operators to Generate Human-Like Campaigns and Content 

According to PRWEB, the new autoregressive AI technology model embraced by the SaaS provider will be used by gaming operators to automatically generate human-like content and campaigns while using the interactions with their users and the instructions received from them. 

Fast Track’s co-founder and chief executive officer Simon Lidzén spoke about the much-anticipated technology that will finally allow their platform to serve its original self-learning purpose. 

The new AI model will enable operators to cut their expenses and simplify the delivery of 1:1 experiences to all customers. By integrating the new AI language, Fast Track has taken an important step towards the digitization of the online gaming industry while preparing the ground for boosting its productivity. 

The company will present its innovative technology next month during the ICE event in London. The first version is likely to be launched shortly after the event ends.

“Unprecedented Levels of Productivity and Efficiency” for Partners

Fast Track is also optimistic regarding the enhanced levels of productivity and efficiency that their partners are expected to reach soon after they will start using the new AI language technology. 

Interested operators will get to rapidly create campaigns that will reach multiple channels at the same time, in the form of subject lines, language localization, and A/B testing. 

Chief technology officer Patrik Potocki described the new model as one that will allow fast Track’s partners to “work smarter, not harder” while speeding up the process of providing 1:1 gaming experiences. Potocki called this “truly a game changer for the industry” while expressing excitement to be right at the forefront of the innovation. 

The disruptive technology company that is recognized as the CRM leader in the iGaming industry mixes real-time data, a central system, and the correct processes. This way, operators benefit from multi-channel and automation capacities that are beyond other engagement platforms and high accuracy for real-time data that cut their bonus costs by 5-10% and their email/SMS costs by 20%.

Fast Track’s CRM also helps operators boost their operational teams’ productivity by as much as 60%. Some of the company’s best solutions for iGaming clients are ft rtd, ft crm, and ft ml.

Ft rtd is a real-time data platform that allows iGaming operators to consolidate data between all providers and businesses in real time. Ft crm is an engagement platform that uses a single central system to manage internal and external systems. Fl ml offers advanced machine learning for designing and building prediction models.

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