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FanDuel to Replace GambetDC as Washington DC’s Betting App

GambetDC failed to be a significant driver of tax revenue, which may explain the current decision to replace it

GambetDC, Washington DC’s controversial online sports betting operator, may soon be replaced by the Flutter-owned gambling giant FanDuel. According to a letter from the Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) executive director Frank Suarez to the DC City Council, the OLG has approved Intralot’s request to choose FanDuel as its next subcontractor.

Suarez’s letter described FanDuel as a better platform for the local market, highlighting its track record in driving player engagement and revenue growth. Overall, he believes that FanDuel will perform better than GambetDC.

The latter platform was selected as Washington DC’s online sports betting operator without a competitive bidding process in a move that has been extensively scrutinized by the industry. According to some, this lack of competition is exactly what led to GambetDC’s disappointing results. Fans, on the other hand, were so dismayed by GambetDC that some still prefer to go to Maryland or Virginia to wager with a different operator.

In the four years after its launch in the District of Columbia, GambetDC failed to be a significant driver of tax revenue, which may explain the current decision to replace it.

The OLG Has Been Considering the Switch for a While

The OLG has been eyeing a change for a while now. In January, Suarez suggested that it is imperative to find a bigger brand that offers superior player experiences.

The current move has secured the backing of several council members who have previously critiqued the lack of a competitive bidding process. While Suarez’ letter doesn’t mention when FanDuel would replace GambetDC, the OLG executive director is certain that this is the right move.

FanDuel is set to pay a $5 million conversion fee within 37 days of assuming responsibility for the District of Columbia’s sole wagering app. In addition to operating the app, FanDuel will also take over the 63 GambetDC kiosks across Washington DC.

Speaking of FanDuel, the company continues to experience significant growth in the US. The company recently unveiled a major partnership with the Carolina Panthers, coming just ahead of March Madness. In the meantime, the company announced a new partnership with Kindbridge that would reinforce the operator’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month efforts.  


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