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FanDuel National Ad Boost Awareness for Sports Betting Industry

Marketing efforts among sportsbooks intensify as the United States becomes more accepting of such commercials. In this context, FanDuel is launching its 60-second “Anthem” campaign video.

FanDuel Goes National with New Marketing Campaign

FanDuel might be ditching the localized and tailored approach it has used in individual markets to position its brand. Following the release of the August 28 national marketing campaign and 60-second ad “Anthem,” the operator seeks to strike a chord with a broader sports audience rather than focusing on an individual fan base.

The campaign mentions various sports and gambling developments in the US. FanDuel’s spot features NFL signage as it reflects the sports league’s bigger commitment to sports gambling nowadays. The NFL even agreed to allow up to six sportsbooks to air commercials during games. 

Previously, the NFL announced that it has signed a new partnership, adding four new operators to its Approved Sportsbook Operator portfolio. That follows up on a similar decision earlier in April, when the league inked deals with Caesars, DraftKings and, importantly, FanDuel to be just that.

FanDuel’s ad also focuses on the experience of viewing sports rather than winning a bet, for example. “Make Every Moment More” reflects sportsbooks’ shift from simple bookmakers to an all-encompassing structure that provides sports fans with the best possible solutions when it comes to watching sports.

A World of Sports Experiences and Features 

Therefore, FanDuel weighs in heavily on the range of features it can provide players with, from pre-game and future wagers to in-play and even micro-markets. The spot features Jordan Spieth, which signals FanDuel’s stronger commitment to bringing sports personalities onboard and demonstrating how the world of sports and betting intersects.

As part of FanDuel’s current marketing efforts, the company will feature three national spots, as well as five ads with NFL signage aired throughout ten states where FanDuel currently offers mobile sports betting solutions. The campaign itself will focus on every possible advertising medium, including mobile, digital, social media, TV, and more. 

As one of its keys focuses, the campaign is not just a testament to FanDuel’s own expertise and prowess in the sports gambling market, but also a call for more awareness about how betting on sports can boost fans’ satisfaction from watching sports. 

The company also has the sound financial backing to pursue further growth opportunities. Results in 2020 hit an 81% increase in revenue, and the company successfully expanded into new markets. Revenue during the first half-year in 2021 hit another 159% year-over-year, and some 13 million sports fans have chosen FanDuel as the go-to platform for their sports betting, the company claims in a statement. 

As the opportunities to advertise legally in the US have increased (read the NFL will now air official sports gambling ads), other operators, too, have been looking to ramp up their own advertising budget. WynnBET has revealed plans to invest an additional $100 million in bolstering marketing efforts, with Ben Affleck, Shaquille O’Neal and Melvin Gregg all joining in.


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