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FanDuel and WSC Sports Partner Up to Offer Highlights to Sports Bettors

FanDuel Group and WSC Sports signed a partnership deal Friday to bring golf events highlights to the operator’s sports betting app.

First US Operator to Provide Sports Highlights on Mobile

FanDuel Group signed a partnership agreement today to bring WSC Sports’ golf game highlights to its sportsbook app. The iGaming operator said in a statement that this is the first time a US-based gambling company will offer sports highlights to bettors.

Tel Aviv-based WSC Sports generates content from live sports streams via artificial intelligence, and will provide real-time golf highlights to FanDuel’s users. Its proprietary technology allows video editors to use AI to create short custom videos by automatically identifying the events occurring during live broadcasts. This content can then be shared on any digital platform. WSC Sports’ platform is currently able to analyze and create content from 17 different types of sports.

This deal enhances FanDuel’s player experience, the company’s General Manager and Vice President of Sports Content Adam Kaplan declared. “We’re taking the FanDuel Sportsbook app experience beyond just placing a bet,” he said, “Now our customers will get the best highlights pushed to them each week to consume and act on.”

Golf-Specific Content for Now

FanDuel and WSC both offer real-time in-app integrations to keep players updated on their bets and the events they follow. “Part of our ongoing focus is providing a fully integrated experience that gives our customers the ability to follow and interact in real-time with the sports they care about,” Kaplan stated.

Although FanDuel users will only have access to golf-specific highlights at first, the deal could be expanded to cover more sports. WSC Sports’ technology platform automates content creation for over 150 broadcasters and sports leagues worldwide, including the NBA, NHL, ESPN, NASCAR, YoutubeTV, FIBA, Bleacher Report, and Eleven Sports.

According to Aviv Arnon, a Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at WSC Sports, the startup and FanDuel both have some of the biggest actors of the sports and betting industries as partners, “providing a synergy between [the] two teams”. They also both aim to improve the player experience, he said.


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