March 16, 2022 3 min read


Expanded GiG-Betway Deal to Bring GiG Comply Tool to Africa

Leading online gaming technology company Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has expanded its previous deal with global gambling company Betway. According to the new agreement, Betway will be allowed to use the GiG Comply compliance tool on the African market.

GiG Comply Will Keep Betways on Its Toes

GiG Comply is an automated marketing compliance tool that can be fully customized to match the specific legislation needs of any market worldwide. The tool can also be tailored to identify and check compliance with all existing advertising standards. This enables iGaming companies to make sure that their affiliates are entirely au-pair with the message that their brands are trying to convey through their marketing efforts.

Once the Super Group-owned online gambling company begins exploring the GiG Comply tool in Africa, they will establish their own customized parameters and criteria. The parameters will be used for scanning thousands of pages for specific web content. This includes iGaming words labeled as code red words, as well as embedded links into written content and a series of regulatory requirements for the African gaming market.

The GiG Comply tool is essential for helping Betway to stay proactive in terms of its marketing efforts. At the same time, the international gambling company will also know for sure that all of its African affiliates fully comply with its mission. 

Even more, the same tool will assist Betway with clearly marking and upgrading all responsible gaming protocols, terms and conditions, and security policies on its most relevant pages online. Overall, the tool will help Betway stay compliant with specific affiliate marketing requirements in Africa while entering new markets. Betway’s head of marketing in Africa Chad Bates called the GiG partnership “an exciting opportunity” for the company to become even more empowered as a market leader while continuing to provide customers with safe, fair, and responsible gaming environments.

It’s All About Safety

The new deal is not Betway’s first attempt to leverage this innovative tool for the safety and integrity of its customers. Last September, the company sealed the first deal with GiG and started using the GiG Comply tool in a number of global markets. 

Ever since Betway has been benefiting from an impressive scanning capacity of 30,000 web pages a day. At the end of February, Betway joined the Sports Writers Association of Ghana in their efforts to usher in better responsible gaming practices in Ghana through a series of educational programs aimed at local communities in the West African country.

Avento Group and Matching Vision also expanded their partnerships for the GiG Comply tool at the beginning of the year.

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