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Betway Increases Efforts to Promote Safer Gambling in Ghana

The saying that the pen is mightier than the sword has been put to some extensive testing over the years, and on more occasions than not, it turned out that there weren’t many people who would readily bring a pen into a sword fight. And yet, Betway is confident that it can buck this trend and collaborate with the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) to help push its responsible gambling messages.

In a new campaign hosted by the leading betting operator in the country, Betway appealed to SWAG to join its cause and become a campaigner for safer gambling in Ghana. The first campaign kicked off in Takoradi.

Working with Media to Drive the Message Home 

Betway pointed out its contributions in tackling harmful gambling and creating a sustainable ecosystem for responsible gambling in the country. 

The operator explained the Gaming Commission’s role in making sure that the industry stays free from harmful influences and the role that media had in influencing public opinion and behavior. 

Betway Ghana country manager Kwabena Oppong-Nkrumah talked about how every SWAG member could be a conduit for responsible gambling practices in their respective communities. He added:

“We strongly believe in protecting the interest of our players. We are committed to educating our players on responsible betting as a business. We are happy to be collaborating with the Sports Writer’s Association of Ghana (SWAG) to promote responsible betting in our local communities in Ghana.”

Betway Ghana country manager Kwabena Oppong-Nkrumah

This is just the first salvo in what would be a string in similar appearances across Ghana, where Betway will take a central role and continue to drive responsible gambling messages. The new event comes a week after Betway set up a customer experience center in Takoradi.

Betway Remains Important Part of the Sports Ecosystem 

Betway announced a new partnership with the Ghana Football Association for the Ghana Women’s Premier League several weeks ago. The company said it would be providing increased coverage of the league through a collaboration with SWAG. Betway also confirmed it would be offering training equipment to participating clubs. 

Commenting at the time, GFA general secretary Prosper Harrison Addo welcomed Betway’s sponsorship of the Women’s Premier League and commended Betway’s efforts to continually improve sports in Ghana. Betway is de facto the most involved sports betting operator in the country, using its international clout and local presence in the market to make a change. 


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