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EvenBet Eyes expansion in Colombia as it Hires Seasoned Gaming Executive

The LatAm gaming market is growing rapidly, and Colombia has one of the largest potential markets in the region. Despite the ongoing political and social turmoil the country is experiencing, the country has a strong and well-established gaming industry that continues to grow. EvenBet Gaming, the online gaming software firm, hopes to be able to take further advantage of its operations in Colombia by forming new alliances and working more closely with existing partners. To help with that and to strengthen its position in the LatAm region, it has hired a seasoned gaming executive to lead its efforts. Manuel Jimenez has been tapped to be EvenBet’s in-country company representative.

Banking on Experience

Jimenez has been involved in the gaming industry for over 20 years. During that time, he has accumulated substantial knowledge and experience in the iGaming sector. Jimenez has been in senior positions at companies like Join Games and Spinola Gaming and has also held director positions at regional gaming publications, including Apuesta Colombia and Sector de Juego Panamá. According to his LinkedIn page, he is also a partner in Apuesta Rápida Perú and the GM of Colombian gaming marketing firm Soluest S.A.S.

Going forward, EvenBet is confident that Jimenez will be able to use his skills and network to further the company’s efforts in Colombia and the rest of the LatAm region. He will work closely with EvenBet’s support team, located in Costa Rica and headed by Danny Ortiz, as the company expands its global operations and works to become a major component of the LatAm gaming market. Asserts CEO Dmitry Starostenkov, “We’re thrilled Manuel is joining the EvenBet team. His experience and contacts in Colombia and Latin America are exceptional. We’re sure he’ll be a true asset to both EvenBet and all our clients as we bid to broaden our global footprint. He’s a brilliant strategic thinker and is exactly what we need in the region to take our business to the next level.”

LatAm’s Untapped Potential 

EvenBet focuses primarily on the online poker space, which has had its ups and downs over the years. Certain US officials may not understand the game, but it is flourishing elsewhere around the world. As the activity continues to gain a larger following, propped up by tournaments that often award millions of dollars in prize money, EvenBet plays a leading role. Starostenkov sees a strong future for online poker, predicting earlier this year that, as the company’s year-on-year revenue increased 200%, 2021 could provide even greater results.

Jimenez supports that assumption, as well. He acknowledges a passion for poker and states, “Having the certification of the online poker platform for Colombia facilitates decision-making by our clients throughout the Latin American region, where we have solid relationships achieved by years of successful commercial development in the iGaming space.”


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