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Euro 2024 Bettor Narrowly Misses $2.5M Prize

he bettor counted on the former team to take its opponent down 3-1, just like it did during the UEFA Euro 2008.

A Euro 2024 bettor has narrowly missed a $2.5 million payout during the recent clash between Portugal and the Czech Republic. The match took place at the Leipzig Stadium and ended with Portugal as the winner. However, the team failed to reach the score the player had hoped for.

The bet, which was placed with BetMGM UK, required Portugal to beat the Czech Republic 3-1. The wager was a part of the operator’s free-to-play Golden Goals game, which required participants to correctly predict the outcome of several Euro 2024 games for a shot at a huge payout.

For context, the Golden Goals promotion ran throughout the 2023/24 EPL season without crowning a winner. It was then transferred to the Euro 2024, providing soccer fans with another shot at a multi-million prize.

According to the operator, one UK woman had a realistic shot at the big prize. She had already correctly predicted the outcome of Spain’s game against Croatia (3-1), Italy versus Albania (2-1), Poland versus the Netherlands (1-2), Serbia versus England (0-1) and Austria versus France (0-1).

The only thing left was Portugal’s game against the Czech Republic. The bettor counted on the former team to take its opponent down 3-1, just like it had done during the UEFA Euro 2008.

Unfortunately, Portugal fell one point short of achieving this result, crashing the bettor’s chances at victory. However, the woman will still be rewarded for her first five predictions, allowing her to take approximately $6,400 home. The player didn’t come forward to comment on the matter.

Portugal Is One of the Favorites to Win Euro 2024

While Portugal didn’t defeat the Czech Republic 3-1, it remains one of the favorites to win the European Championship. Ronaldo’s presence is certainly pushing the team forward when it comes to betting odds, although the team did face some challenges in its game against Czechia amid a spectacular performance from the Czech keeper Jindřich Staněk.

According to BetMGM UK, the team is the fourth favorite to claim victory at 6-1. In the meantime, Germany, England and France’s chances of becoming the next champions stand at 5-1, 4-1 and 4-1 respectively.


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