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Eubank Jr. Goes Distance with Williams, Gambler Loses Life’s Savings

Letting too much ride on a single bet is never a good idea, not unless you are Mattress Mack who has come up with a unique strategy to offset any potential loss from a bad wager by simply seeing his mattress sales soar.  One less well-to-do punter decided to go with his life’s savings and back Chris Eubank Jr. to knock out Liam Williams.

Messaging Athletes to Win a Wager Not a Good Idea

He even messaged Eubank Jr. encouraging him to do so, writing: “Chris, I’ve just unloaded my life savings onto you to win by stoppage, don’t let me down.” The punter almost got there, with Williams falling on four occasions, but none proving too devastating to keep him down or help the punter win his money back along with a tidy payoff.

Eubank Jr., though, had no intention of knocking out Williams, not even after revealing the message and captioning it with “Now that’s some belief right there.” Instead, commenting after the bout, Eubank argued that he had been focused on teaching Williams a lesson and going the full distance of the fight.

Why let him go off easily, he mused. He was also miffed with Williams’ fighting style which involved a lot of restricted moves in boxing.

“Headbutts, headloks, I am surprised he didn’t get disqualified. But I took it like a man and I punished him like I said I would.”

Chris Eubank Jr.

Never mind these clear infringements of the rules, Eubank Jr. said that he had a fun night. He offered Williams a piece of advice and told him not to be a “big mouth” against “guys you can get hurt against.”

Don’t Bet Your Life Savings on… Anything

What about the punter? Apparently, Eubank Jr. has forgotten about the message he received because his bout with Williams was all about keeping him in the ring.

The boxer has not revealed any additional message exchanges, but sports betting is supposed to be a pastime, and not a way to flip your life’s earnings on something “smart.” It seems Eubank Jr. taught two people a lesson during the weekend. Hopefully, both have learned from the experience.


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