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Esports Market Welcomes New Site with Unique Player Betting

The global esports betting market is still largely considered to be one of the most lucrative ones on the planet. As expected of any sporting related activity, gambling activities were bound to venture into the space and now we already have several esports betting platforms and operations available to interested players. Considering the relative newness of the sector, there is still room for innovative gaming operators to come in and take over the market. That is what exactly the Liverpool-based esports betting startup Puntt is hoping to achieve.

Founded by RPGG Media, Puntt is the very first company on the planet to offer parameter-based esports player betting markets. The site’s customers are able to bet on specific parameters for individual players during esports games and tournaments. All its efforts have been the result of sheer hard work as well as assistance from such organizations as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission which it partnered with.

Powered By AI

Puntt is built on a proprietary statistical model that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and this culminates in a totally new, unique and authentic experience for all gamers. With the model, the platform is able to generate price against various esports players. This means that the esports bettors will be able to bet on such things as individual player performances, the ones who will have the most kills as well as many other in-match phenomena.

“Puntt’s player betting offering is unique in the esports betting industry. These are tricky markets to price and can leave operators with large liabilities in a market where the customer is often better informed. Our solution gives customers an exciting and fair product,” Phill Adams, CEO at Puntt, said a few days to the launch of the betting site.

As it stands, there has been a lot of focus on tactical games – CS:GO is currently a big deal on Puntt with bettors being able to utilize a wide range of statistics from live games. The company has plans to add even more tactical esports games in the near future not just because of their popularity but also because of the nature of the gameplay – they feature incredibly in-depth info about player performance.

Doing What Others Could Not

Needless to say, Puntt has shown a great deal of courage by offering odds that existing esports betting operators have steered clear of. This is because of how challenging it can be to price those particular markets. Many of the gaming operators are not willing to toy with the potential large liabilities since customers are more knowledgable in this particular market.

Even so, Puntt is promising its customers the best possible gaming experience by leveraging the vast experience of its team members as well as resources from RPGG. These have gone a long way in reducing the impact and number of challenges.

The site will roll out gradually to players and will, hopefully, be available to players all around the world.

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