October 10, 2022 2 min read


ESA Gaming Adds ‘Rocket Racers’ to EasySwipe Portfolio

ESA Gaming has added a new game to its dedicated EasySwipe portfolio, looking to build upon more innovative experiences for the iGaming sector. The latest addition is a crash-style game called Rocket Racers. It’s a worthwhile way to add to the company portfolio of games and help build innovative experiences that consumers are interested in.

ESA Gaming Brings New Crash Game to iGaming

The futuristic game lets players pick a rocket that is then sent into space, soaring through the galaxy, for a chance to amass a substantial win. The rocket continues to soar until it reaches its breaking point. This breaking point varies from one round to the next and no player can tell when it will come.

However, players who are willing to push their total win would like to hang out a while longer. The maximum win from the game is x2500 of the original bet, which is a fantastic sum to explore. There are benefits to ejecting from the space rocket early, but also sticking around in a bid to claim a bigger slice of the pie. ESA Gaming is particularly proud of its new gaming title which is a nice addition to its innovative portfolio of EasySwipe games.

This portfolio already includes other popular options, such as Gola Mine, Fruitz & Spinz, FruitStaxx, Basketball Mine, and others. Meanwhile, ESA Gaming continues to grow its geographical reach systematically with licenses to operate in Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Malta, Denmark, Colombia, and many others. ESA Gaming head of marketing welcomed this opportunity and said:

Rocket Racers is an exciting new title we are sure players will enjoy and sees us launch crash-style content for the first time, a vertical that has seen great popularity recently. We are delighted to release this game, as it sets the tone for the next few months where you can expect to see more titles added to the EasySwipe portfolio.

ESA Gaming head of marketing welcomed this opportunity

The crash game genre has been taking off of late, with the gameplay creating brand-new experiences that players have been happy to explore in full. This is why ESA, and others, are being consistent in building fresh experiences that they can share with players of all stripes and across hundreds of operators.


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