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EPIC Risk Management to Deliver Education to Tabcorp Employees

EPIC will provide a combination of education, training, advice, and consultancy on gambling harm minimization

Gambling harm consultancy EPIC Risk Management announced it has reached an agreement with the largest gambling operator in Australia, Tabcorp, to deliver educational programs on safer gambling to its employees.

Help Reduce Gambling Harm Risk

EPIC Risk Management will deliver executive training, gambling harm awareness and its ‘Interactions Masterclass’ program to employees of Tabcorp, the gambling operator ranked as the third-largest in Asia and one of the largest worldwide.

Welcoming the new business project, Martin Bland, director of Business Development at EPIC Risk Management, outlined the crucial role of the gambling harm consultancy as it would bring its expertise to Tabcorp’s workforce of more than 5,000 people to assist the operator’s efforts to “significantly reduce the risk of gambling-related harm occurring” across any of its brands.

“We look forward to commencing our working relationship with Tabcorp and trust that we will provide some key support in relation to player protection throughout the organization,” Bland concluded.

Providing education, training, advice, and consultancy related to the minimization of gambling-related harm and player protection enhancement, EPIC Risk Management has already partnered with a number of organizations in sports, gambling and horse racing industries.

Utilizing the knowledge and understanding derived from personal experience as around half of EPIC’s employees have lived experience of serious gambling harm, the consultancy is continuing to raise awareness within some of the highest-risk sectors for gambling harm and the gambling industry itself.

Expanding Presence in the Region

The partnership with Tabcorp is a major step for the consultancy as it seeks to grow its popularity in the Asia-Pacific region and Australia, where it recently spoke at the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) 2022 conference in Melbourne and hosted a discussion on minimization of gambling harm with senior representatives from almost every sports league and sport governing body in the country in Sydney.

EPIC Risk Management already established collaborations with Cricket New South Wales, the trading body of the New South Wales (NSW) Cricket Association, providing lived experience facilitators to deliver their gambling harm stories to both men’s and women’s players on an ongoing basis.

Outside of the region, EPIC Risk Management is continuing with its preparations for the upcoming summit on gambling harm prevention in sports it is organizing in collaboration with the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB)’s Global Institute of Sport (GIS).

The summit will take place at the Wembley Stadium on February 8 and will welcome C-level executives and player welfare specialists from major sports clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and the gambling industry.

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