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Enteractive Charts a Path for iGaming brands in the US

Enteractive is confident in the future of the US iGaming sector as per the words of company chief business officer Andrew Foster, who attended the SBC Summit for North America. Foster commented on the potential for iGaming brands to set up shop up in the US and do so in a cost-efficient manner. 

Part of this would require brands to build up a strong player base, something which Foster is confident that Enteractive can assist with. The company specializes in player reactivation and retention in the iGaming sector. 

His comments come at a time when the gambling industry in the US is trying to figure out how quickly and how soon the mass legalization of iGaming would happen outside of its bastions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Loyal Player Bases to Determine IGaming Brands Success

Foster argues that whatever the case, operators would need to tap into a loyal player base that enjoys what it sees and is therefore motivated to stick with one brand, touting the capabilities of Enteractive in that regard:

“Retention is an area that currently lacks a robust solution in the US iGaming sector, and Enteractive plans to fill that void with our revenue-generating services to bring active players back to the screen.”

Enteractive chief business officer Andrew Foster

While the US market is still nascent insofar as iGaming solutions go, local players could learn from their European counterparts. In many instances, those same European companies would be trying to secure a share of the business in any future iGaming expansion. 

For a successful entry into the market, Foster argues that local players would need more than just digital CRM offerings, moving the focus on tailored solutions to engage with individual customers. 

A Formula Worth Following 

This is the same idea shared by Enteractive CEO and founder Mikael Hansson who is confident that the US presents a unique opportunity not just for his company but the iGaming industry as a whole, adding:

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity in the US, having already secured our New Jersey license in 2021. So, we are hitting the ground running and bringing our unique retention services to both existing American operators, as well as European brands also jumping the pond.”

Enteractive CEO and founder Mikael Hansson

The company obtained its New Jersey license allowing it to gain entry into the US market in May and has been actively involved with the region ever since. Player reactivation has been part of the bread and butter of Enteractive, which has carried out successful partnerships with brands such as Soft2Bet and Fortuna. As momentum for iGaming continues to build up, Enteractive will play an ever more important role in the induction of the sector leaders of tomorrow.


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