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Engagement Specialist Enteractive to Be Part of GiG’s Marketplace

Leader in personalized retention services Enteractive has announced a new partnership with GiG Marketplace, a repository of solutions that are shared with GiG platform customers. The GiG Marketplace helps existing GiG clients access a range of tools that have been vetted and curated by the company before being made available to businesses.

Enteractive to Work Closely with GiG Customers

The addition of Enteractive will strengthen the library and help build a stronger bond with partners. More importantly, the addition of Enteractive will help bring significant benefits to third parties who are utilizing the GiG platform. Enteractive has 12 years of experience helping iGaming businesses generate results and grow revenue.

Enteractive is confident that by signing this partnership with GiG, it will have the opportunity to showcase the abilities of its dedicated in-house product. Enteractive prides itself on building excellent reactivation and retention services that will translate into revenue generation for the businesses that choose to lean in on its solutions.

GiG director of sales and business development Martin Collins has said that the company already has a number of established and trusted partners. However, the addition of Enteractive is a new opportunity for existing companies and partners to truly boost their retention and reactivation. All of this and more will be made possible through Enteractive.

Enteractive chief business officer Andrew Foster noted that the company has already worked closely with GiG’s partners in the past and that the company was excited to be joining the GiG Marketplace as a springboard to new opportunities and clients who stand to benefit equally from this partnership.

GiG’s Reactivation Track Record Is Solid

“That our services are recognized by one of the main leaders in the iGaming industry is a credit to all the hard work that our teams have put in to develop our unique retention services. We look forward to welcoming GiG’s many platform clients in the future,” Foster concluded.

Enteractive uses a native-speaking staff to activate specific audiences. This means that the company is able to reach out to a targeted audience and drive success for its partners. Some 13,000 players per month are reactivated across a number of leading operators. Their number is about to increase with Enteractive’s overture towards GiG Marketplace.


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