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Elys Game Technology Launches Virtual Products in Italy

Elys Game Technology, one of the fastest-growing sports betting and iGaming full-service platform providers, will launch its betting products in Italy.

Elys to Launch VGL in Italy

The company has inked a deal for retail distribution and will offer its Virtual Generation Limited sports betting and gaming products to the local market. The launch will see Elys power 5,000 shops across Italy with its offerings. The content will be operated by various operators, including the company’s subsidiary in Italy, Multigioco.

Punters in Italy will now be able to place bets on Elys’ premium virtual sporting events. The company offers exciting experiences such as pre-recorded horseracing and greyhound racing, among others. Additionally, Italian bettors will be able to access Elys’ casino offerings, which include popular games such as American roulette, keno and others.

Elys has been bullish on expanding its global footprint. To that end, the launch of its offerings in Italy is crucial as it will see Elys conquer yet another market. The company now hopes to improve fan engagement, boost customer loyalty and raise the profitability of its virtual segment. To translate this into numbers, the company hopes to earn as much as $5-7 million a year from its virtual offerings.

Elys Continues to Expand in NA and Europe

Michele Ciavarella, Elys Game Technology’s executive chairman, spoke about the company’s investments. He said that he hopes the products will pay off quickly as the company launches them across multiple markets:

We expect our investments in Virtual Generation to pay off quickly with deployments in multiple regulated markets including Europe, the USA and Canada, Africa, Asia and in April 2020, VG became the first certified provider of online virtual games through Newgioco Colombia based in Bogota.

Michele Ciavarella, executive chairman, Elys Game Technology

Ciavarella is sure that Elys’ knack for innovation and differentiation will be a major advantage. The chairman is convinced that the company’s virtual sports products will be rapidly adopted by many companies across the world.

Elys has been targeting multiple markets across the world. Because of that, the company has been inking various partnerships with companies in many regions. Two weeks ago, Elys teamed up with Wright Bet. Thanks to this deal, the former company expanded its reach to Ohio where it will operate conventional sports betting. Earlier, Elys reiterated its commitment to Isleta Resort and Casino in New Mexico by expanding its agreement with the company.

Overall, North America and Europe have been the key markets that Elys has been targeting. The launch in Italy is yet another step the company has taken to fulfill its ambitions. 


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