September 9, 2021 3 min read


Elias Game Plan App Takes Sports Betting to the Next Level

Elias Sports Bureau-owned provider of sports viewing solutions, Elias Digital Solutions, has launched a new sports app for mobile devices. Named the Elias Game Plan, the application will provide sports stat, data, and analysis for fervent sports fans and sports bettors alike. 

Everything for Sports Betting in a Compact Package

The application is already released and is ready for sports lovers who are tuned for this year’s National Football League season. Thanks to the Elias Game Plan, these fans now have a reliable source of information that has been conveniently streamlined for their use. Users can view the schedule for future games, see the stats of a team and its players and even make various comparisons. Elias Game Plan will also provide hot updates on player injuries and all the important details about the current state of the players. 

Bettors can benefit a lot from the application as it will have various user-friendly features that take their experience a step higher. Novice bettors will have a complete explanation of how betting options work and definitions of various sports terms. Elias Game Plan provides wagering lovers with special insights right from the competent researchers and analysts from Elias Sports Bureau. Everything displayed on the application will first be curated by the professional Elias Sports Bureau experts. The app also shares relevant data and displays betting options from top sportsbooks as well as betting odds that help users place an optimal bet. 

Finally, the application will have a well-designed comprehensive interface that is easily navigable by both veteran sports fans and bettors and newcomers to the industry. A crisp and sleek design makes it a breeze to use Elias Game Plan, compare teams, and see betting odds. 

Elias Aims to Connect with Fans and Enhance Their Experience

Elias Sports Bureau’s head of product, David Zaretsky, explained that Elias Digital Solutions was designed to fill a gap on the market. He explained that, according to statistics, many sports bettors, veterans, and newcomers alike, struggle with finding information before placing a bet. When they do find sources, much of the information is incomplete, unstructured, or even conflicting. 

Zaretsky continued by saying that the Elias Game Plan application aims to be a solution to this problem and help bettors make well-thought-out decisions before placing a bet. 

“We know betting enhances the enjoyment of sports. We build a community around our shared love of sports and our favorite teams. Elias Game Plan levels the playing field for experienced and novice bettors,” Zaretsky elaborated. 

Elias Sports Bureau’s president, Joe Gilston, added that even though many relate Elias to the professional statistics from United States sports leagues, the company’s true goal is to connect with fans and improve their experience. Gilston believes that the Elias Game Plan is the perfect example of that as it aims to provide fans with a cutting-edge technology solution that adds to their sports viewing enjoyment. 

Fans of professional sports leagues can get the app right now for both iPhone and Android. 


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