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El Dorado Riverboat Casino Moves Aground

The El Dorado riverboat casino will be moving to dry land in January, creating 300 construction jobs and over 70 permanent positions on it is open.

First Riverboat Casino Moves to Land in Louisiana

Riverboat casinos in Louisiana are classic venues – but they may soon enter into a new era, as they head aground. Recently, the owners of the El Dorado Resorts riverboat casino on Lake Charles has had its application to move its venue in to dry land approved, and it’s likely that many more casinos across the state will follow suit.  

 It was back in May 2018 that a legislation was passed allowing riverboat casinos in Louisiana to move to land-based premises. Senate Bill 316 allowed for the venues in the state to move as far away as 1200 feet from where they are currently located. This is the first time in nearly 30 years that riverboat casinos in Louisiana have been allowed any such change.

Riverboat casinos were first introduced to the state in 1991. 15 boats received licenses, and were allowed to offer gambling so long as they were sailing at the time. A New Era for Riverboat Casinos El Dorado is the first of what we expect will be many riverboat casinos making the move to dry land. Lawmakers believed that allowing these venues to make the transition would not only help boost the local economy but also make them safer for players and staff as water levels continue to rise.

About The El Dorado’s New Casino

The new land-based venue from The El Dorado will be a $112.7 million casino, which will occupy 72,000 square feet. There will be 1271 slot machines and 46 table games. It will be located between the parking lot and the hotel in the Isle of Capri’s riverboat complex.

One of the important stipulations for any riverboat casino wanting to move onto land is that they have to provide economic development opportunities. The El Dorado plans to do this by offering visitors fine dining options, which will also create plenty of new opportunities. They will also be opening three new bars, a brewery and a noodle bar. The venue’s owners are currently in negotiation with local chefs to open their own restaurants on the property.

It is planned that construction for the new casino will begin in January, creating 300 construction jobs. The planned completion date is May 2021 and, while 22 marine jobs will be eliminated, over 70 other new positions will be created once the new venue is open to the public.


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