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Edgeless Releases Monthly Recap for September 2019

  • Edgeless posts September update
  • The company generates more EDG total handle
  • Marketing next on the list of the company’s priorities

Edgeless, a zero-commission crypto casino, has revealed what changes were made to the project in September.

Edgeless Recaps September 2019

Cryptocurrency project Edgeless has published its monthly recap of operations for September. The project dissected the monthly numbers, publishing encouraging and statistically-relevant information. According to the casino, Edgeless had around 25 players every day. The number was lower than August’s result when the average was 30 players.

Edgeless compared its offer to that of other casinos that operate as licensed companies that comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. The project also ranks well on https://dappradar.com where Edgeless is listed the 6th largest and trusted Ethereum-powered project.

The casino’s team have a very transparent approach and they report their strategy and numbers in earnest, hoping to build interest around the casino.

Promoting the Welcome Bonus and Converting Players

To build a steadier following on social media, Edgeless will attempt to use marketing tools such as ‘staking’ and a newly-announced ‘Welcome Pack,’ that rewards newcomers with up to 0.3 BTC. The welcome bonus is cited as one of the most potent marketing methods by the Edgeless team.

In addition, the company has undertaken the ambitious task of helping traditional casino players educate themselves about cryptocurrencies. Edgeless calls this ‘closing the knowledge gap,’ and helping customers understand why cryptocurrencies are superior to traditional banking methods.

Edgeless’ September game, Casino War. The 11th game developed by the casino.

To that effect, Edgeless decided to run a bankroll option that displays the EDG – the casino’s proprietor cryptocurrency – in US dollars. In September, Edgeless saw a total of around $916,320 wagered in EDG, which is an over 30% increase since August 2019.

The company also released Casino War. Casino War is just like the classic card game and it pits two players who try to score the most points by beating the opponent’s deck, but the game boils down to pure chance. In addition, the casino is already developing its latest addition to the gaming portfolio – Under The Aegis.

Compliant with Regulation

Edgeless similarly makes a point of its compliance mechanisms. All payouts are provably fair and the casino focuses on complying with all regulatory measures in the jurisdictions it operates. The ‘staking’ model is considered to be one of the more ambitious marketing strategies, but also one that may come under a lot more scrutiny.

To this end, the Edgeless team have said that the bankroll staking model is developed in compliance with all necessary regulatory measures: “The Edgeless team follows all legal developments and, if needed, in the future there will be changes made to the principles of staking so that our activities will be in line with regulations.”

Specifically, Edgeless reminds that the EDG token is a UTILITY token and it doesn’t fall under the category of profit sharing, dividends or any securities for that matter. Edgeless is a 0% commission crypto casino that wants to continue and expand its footprint by offering users provably fair games.  

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