March 17, 2023 3 min read


ECP Confirms Acquisition of Pornhub’s Owner MindGeek

Financial details regarding the new acquisition were not disclosed publicly

The private equity firm managed by a team with wide experiences such as public engagement, finance and law enforcement, Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), announced Thursday it acquired MindGeek, a leading media and technology company that is a parent of some of the most popular adult entertainment outlets including Pornhub. Besides Pornhub, MindGeek is the company behind other adult entertainment properties such as Redtube, Brazzers, YouPorn, Sean Cody,, Nutaku and Trans Angels.

In a statement, ECP explained that the acquisition seeks to help boost the leadership position of MindGeek as a platform offering adult content. Without any doubt, the company’s vast experience and knowledge within different industries will help in that process while at the same time ensuring that MindGeek remains compliant with the regulations and offers safe online entertainment.

At the same time, ECP explained that the acquisition seeks to help in the fight against illegal online content. “ECP believes the internet should be safe for all – with child protection, intimate image security and digital self-determination at the core of our values, and that MindGeek must play a leading role in the fight against illegal content across the internet,” explained the company.

With the support of ECP, MindGeek will further its research and adoption of the latest and best available online safety protocols to ensure that it remains a world-class leader in trust and safety and its platforms are inclusive, sex positive spaces for adults,

reads a statement released by Ethical Capital Partners

Pornhub’s Ties to the Casino Vertical

The adult entertainment outlet Pornhub offers different videos that feature casino themes. What’s more, a search online reveals that there is an online casino that is based on Pornhub called Pornhub Casino. The website, which is listed as registered in Curacao, combines adult entertainment with online casino games. Online players can engage in gambling games featuring half-clothed dealers, some of which, adult stars. Still, it remains unclear whether or not Pornhub Casino is directly connected to Pornhub and if so, what would be the impact of the acquisition.

What’s interesting about the new takeover is the strong presence of women within ECP’s advisory board. Currently, out of a total of six members of the company’s board, five are women. Sarah Bain, one of ECP’s founding partners, predicted that the acquisition will see “MindGeek platforms operate with trust and safety at the forefront of everything they do.”

She outlined that the company will collaborate with governments, stakeholders and content creators to help “address the misalignment between how MindGeek operates and what the public perceives about this industry and these platforms.” Finally, Bain said that ECP remains committed to ensuring that the platforms operate in a way that is trusted and safe.


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