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DSD Renewables Powers Caesars’ Atlantic City Properties with Solar Energy

The initiative involves the installation of four strategically positioned solar canopies spanning two renowned properties in Atlantic City – Caesars Atlantic City and Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

DSD Renewables (DSD) has successfully completed a cutting-edge solar portfolio spanning 6.5 MW for Caesars Entertainment, enriching the skyline of Atlantic City with sustainable power solutions. The project, consisting of four canopies strategically placed across two prominent Caesars Atlantic City properties, is poised to generate approximately 8.29 MWh of clean energy annually, contributing to Caesars Entertainment’s green initiatives and promoting a sustainable future.

Caesars Entertainment’s Solar Canopies Transform Atlantic City

The solar canopies, a blend of innovation and environmental consciousness, are not just a testament to Caesars Entertainment‘s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint but also a symbol of its pledge to the communities it serves. 

Eric Dominguez, senior vice president of engineering & asset management at Caesars Entertainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone, stating:

Our partnership with DSD plays a pivotal role in helping us adopt measures to minimize our carbon footprint. These projects in Atlantic City exemplify our pursuit to integrate more clean energy resources into our business while delivering real value locally to the communities in which we operate.

Eric Dominguez, senior vice president of engineering & asset management, Caesars Entertainment

The completed installations include a 1.7 MW and an 886 kW solar garage canopy at Caesars Atlantic City, coupled with two installations at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City – a 1.9 MW solar canopy at Harrah’s self-park garage and a 1.9 MW canopy at Harrah’s valet garage. Additionally, a 913 kW solar rooftop system at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center, set to be installed in early 2024, will further bolster this green initiative.

These installations serve a dual purpose – providing shaded parking for staff and customers while significantly reducing snow removal costs. Moreover, the rooftop system extends the roof’s lifespan and reduces cooling needs by limiting UV exposure, thereby bolstering the environmental and economic sustainability of the properties.

DSD Overcomes Coastal Hurdles for Sustainable Solar Success

The journey toward achieving these feats was not without its challenges. DSD’s in-house canopy team had to overcome unique obstacles posed by the proximity to the coast, adapting engineering designs to accommodate increased wind load and other risk factors. 

Dan O’Brien, vice president of commercial origination at DSD, expressed his pride in the team’s efforts, stating:

We were faced with some pretty unique development obstacles, but our team was up to the challenge, working closely with Caesars and the Casino Redevelopment Authority to bring these projects to fruition. The outcome couldn’t be more rewarding.

Dan O’Brien, VP of commercial origination, DSD

DSD financed and developed these installations and will serve as their long-term owner and operator. Looking toward the future, DSD is actively exploring additional projects with Caesars Entertainment at various destinations across the United States, reinforcing their shared commitment to a sustainable, clean energy future.


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