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A New Casino Project Would Breathe Life into Isle of Man’s Capital

The property would feature a gaming space, a bingo hall, a sports bar, multiple offices and 25 apartments

Altostratus Limited, an Isle of Man-based firm, has submitted a proposal for the development of a new casino in the British Crown dependency’s capital. The project would see a new property established at the Middlemarch site in Douglas.

Altostratus’ project envisions turning the site into a six-story casino building packed with a gaming space, a bingo hall, a sports bar and multiple offices. The company’s project would also create 25 apartments and would see the rooftop turned into a garden for the residents.

The company has also planned multiple parking spaces around the building, allowing casino goers, office workers and residents to comfortably park their vehicles.

For reference, the Middlemarch site in Douglas is located between Fort Street, Lord Street, Walpole Avenue and Victoria Street. The property is owned by the Manx Government and is currently being used as a parking lot.

The Casino Would Enhance Douglas’ Appeal

If the project is approved, the Palace Hotel & Casino, currently sitting on Douglas Promenade, will be relocated to the new property.

The casino itself would be located on the first floor. In addition to that, Altostratus’ project also envisions a sports bar and a bingo hall, allowing the property to engage a variety of players.

The upper floors will have multiple offices, allowing enhancing the business value of the building.

According to Altostratus’ plans, the entrance to the casino and the planned office space would be on Victoria Street.

As mentioned, the building would also sport 25 apartments on the topmost three levels of the building. The entrance to the apartment part of the complex would be on Lord Street.

Proponents of the new property believe that it could become a central hub for festivals, races and holiday markets. Some have even suggested that an ice rink could be set up outside the property during the winter holidays.

Overall, the project has the potential to enhance Douglas’ appeal and sustainability and, thanks to its office space, would create opportunities for local businesses, nurturing the economy.

Earlier this year, Altenar set up a new office in the Isle of Man which complemented the growth of the company and allowed it to capture new talent.

A month earlier, Crucial Compliance also opened an office in the British Crown dependency.


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