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Drake Could Lose $1M in Bitcoin Bets on Stake

Rapper Drake could further fuel the “Drake curse” if he loses $1 million in two Bitcoin bets on the NBA finals and the Stanley Cup placed via Stake

In February, Canadian rapper, songwriter, and singer Drake announced he placed a massive bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl

This raised concerns among Chiefs’ fans who were familiar with the so-called “Drake curse.”

The latter is a belief that all teams backed by the artist eventually lose, an idea stemming from his impressive betting activities which often result in losing a lot of money.

In recent news, Drake placed two bets each worth $500,000 on the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers to win the NBA finals and take home the Stanley Cup, respectively. 

The “Drake Curse” Goes On?

The odds, however, were not looking very well in favor of the two teams, given that they had both registered three losses and no wins at the time of the best. 

Plus, both the NBA and the Stanley Cup series follow the best-of-seven format

The comeback for the Mavericks and the Oilers was expected to be a complicated one, as no other team in the NBA managed to win the series after a 3-0 losing streak. 

To advance in their championships, both teams needed to win the games they were scheduled to play this last weekend

To many people’s surprise, the Oilers managed to stay alive in the Stanley Cup final with a dominant win against the Florida Panthers in Game 4 on June 16.  

Similarly, the Mavericks dismantled the Boston Celtics for a 122-84 Game 4 win on Friday night in what proved to be a brilliant performance which sent them in the lead in the aggregate for the series. 

The Mavericks are currently +6 through the four games, managing to outscore Boston 408-402.

While a team winning Game 4 after falling behind 3-0 in a playoff series is not completely unusual, the dominance shown by the Mavericks was pretty impressive considering the historical strength of the Celtics.

The loss of any of the two teams would have officially confirmed the rapper losing both of his bets totaling $1 million.

For the time being, the artist seems to be on the right track. 

The worrisome statistics didn’t seem to prevent Drake from wagering on their victory using BTC via online crypto casino Stake which he frequently uses to livestream his gambling. 

In a recent Instagram post, Drake argued his decision to bet on the two teams. He explained he chose Dallas because he is a Texan himself while calling his Oilers wager an “self-explanatory” one. 

The Rapper Could Win $1.4 Million 

Drake could, according to the details on his betting slip that he transparently published, scoop up $1.025 million provided the Oilers win the NHL and $1.375 million in case the Mavericks top the NBA charts.

Even more, in case his $1 million total bet is a losing one, Drake may not be completely in the red, as suggested by his previous monetary agreements with Stake and the potential incentives he might be receiving for posting about his bets and live-streaming his latest adventures on the platform. 

Drake could also still have deals with the platform to advertise the platform to a larger audience.

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