DraftKings to Launch Baseball Podcasts Featuring Jared Carrabis

DraftKings, a sports betting and daily fantasy sports operator, has unveiled a new podcast series, featuring Jared Carrabis – a famous American baseball expert and journalist.

Baseball Is Not Dead

Despite being a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox franchise, Carrabis is known as one of the most unbiased and influential personalities when it comes to analyzing the professional American baseball scene. He has previously written blogs and has hosted various baseball-oriented radio programs.

DraftKings will use Carrabis’ expertise to produce exclusive baseball podcasts and engage sports fans. The baseball expert, who opposes the idea that baseball is no longer popular, will host two podcasts, one of which is provocatively named “Baseball is dead.” The title is bait, as Carrabis will actually refute this wrongful notion and will instead prove that the sport is as alive and kicking as ever.

In “Baseball is dead,” the baseball celebrity will be joined by the legendary Major League Baseball ex-pitcher Dallas Branden, who currently serves as an analyst for Oakland Athletics.

The other podcast is named after the baseball Carrabis himself and will be much more personal. The so-called “Jared Carrabis Podcast” will see the expert talk about his personal opinions on the current state of the game, his passion for the Boston Red Sox, and his overall love for baseball.

Carrabis Is Delighted to Join DraftKings

DraftKings and Carrabis released a promotional minute-long video where the celebrity speaks about his passion for baseball. He emphasized that he has been a baseball fan his entire life and believes that what makes him different from other analysts is his genuine infectious passion for the sport. 

He explained what prompted him to team up with DraftKings:

“The reason why I came to DraftKings, I saw an opportunity to showcase what me, my co-host, do with baseball. Right now, there’s never been more young, exciting stars, rubbing it in the faces of people who think the sport is dead. We’re here to show you that it’s not.”

Carrabis also pointed out that both he and the operator have roots in Boston and share the same vision to deliver exciting content to sports fans.

DraftKings’ VP of programming, Stacie McCollum, welcomed Carrabis to the company’s roster of content creators. She is excited to have him on the board and lauded his authenticity as something that resonates deeply with sports fans.

McCollum added that the operator is looking to support people such as Carrabis – independent talents who are not afraid to share their honest opinions, instead of merely following the trend.

DraftKings’ content strategies have been paying off. In December, the company was dubbed “the most visible sportsbook” in the United States. Thanks to its popularity, DraftKings continues to expand and conquer new markets.

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