DraftKings Moves Jennifer Aguiar in Key Compliance Role

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Compliance veteran Jennifer Aguiar will now take over DraftKings’ international and domestic compliance strategy as CCO.

DraftKings Boosts Compliance with Jennifer Aguiar at the Helm

DraftKings has appointed Jennifer Aguiar as chief compliance officer to serve directly under Jason Robins, the company’s CEO and chairman. Aguiar is taking the reins over from Tim Dent as she will focus on corporate compliance as well as enterprise risk management.

She will channel her efforts in the United States, but also look past the country and on the international market, especially in light of a recent DraftKings groundbreaking move in Sweden and expansion in Canada.

Her main remit will lie in ensuring compliance with daily fantasy sports legislation in the United States and around the globe. In effect, Aguiar will be tasked with any established and burgeoning market the company may have interest in. Speaking on the occasion, Robins expressed his confidence in the move, arguing that Aguiar is capable to navigate the complexities of domestic and international compliance.

Due to the fragmented legislative network of the United States, DraftKings is seeking to introduce a person who can remain vigilant to swift changes in the legal makeup that could impact the company. Robins believes that this is Aguiar.

Aguiar Transformative Role in DraftKings’ Compliance

As to Dent, he will remain within the organization but serve as SVP of Regulatory Operations, making good use of his experience as CCO. Aguiar first brush with DraftKings goes back to 2016 when she introduced a certification program for the compliance team back in 2016, when she joined.

Her prescience has quickly promoted her to one of the go-to people for anything compliance-related within the organization.  This success is partly due to her vast expertise in the field, serving at various financial organizations, including the Lending Club, Citizens Bank and Capital One, to name a few.

Through rigorous training and commitment, Aguiar is now an important asset to DraftKings’ ambitious growth strategy. “Jennifer has been an instrumental asset to our organization, successfully navigating the company through the emergence of daily fantasy sports and the state-by-state licensing and regulatory process,” Robins had to say on the occasion of the appointment. DraftKings saw a massive spike in online betting interest during the Super Bowl, Robins said.

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