December 6, 2023 2 min read


DraftKings Expands Its Fantasy Offering with Pick6

At launch, Pick6 will feature picks of the NFL and NBA

American sports betting powerhouse DraftKings has unveiled a new peer-to-peer fantasy sports game called Pick6. Debuting in six states, the game leverages simple, yet exciting mechanics that will provide sports fans with hours of fun.

DraftKings’ newest fantasy title is debuting in Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin, allowing players to enjoy premium fantasy sports content. At launch, Pick6 will feature picks of the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Pick6 will sport a dedicated application that is separate from DraftKings’ main app. Fans can download the new game for both Android and iOS and build teams of two to six sports players from two or more teams. After that, players have to choose either more or less statistic for each athlete they picked.

Pick6 users can win prizes depending on how many picks they guessed correctly. The game is competitive by nature, allowing sports aficionados to put their knowledge of sports to the test and outplay their peers.

Speaking of peers, Pick6 is a fully peer-to-peer game where users compete against one another instead of against the house.

The application boasts a variety of features, such as lineup edits, real-time performance tracking and addable funds. Players can also check their selections via the My Picks section in the menu.

DraftKings Continues to Drive Fantasy Sports Innovation

DraftKings’ chief product officer, Corey Gottlieb, commented on the new product, saying that it is in line with the company’s ambition to define innovation in fantasy sports.

Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation — this is a homegrown, peer-to-peer product that taps into our customers’ desire for fun, simple-to-play experiences tied to their favorite athletes.

Corey Gottlieb, CPO, DraftKings

Gottlieb added that his team is excited to put an exciting new way to experience live sports in the hands of its customers.

Previously, DraftKings unveiled “Progressive Parlay,” another fresh product that seeks to push back against the rising popularity of competing fantasy sports operators. It mirrors the style and functionality of apps, aiming to further capitalize on the vertical’s popularity.

In the meantime, DraftKings prepares to power its New Jersey iGaming offering with content from Hacksaw Gaming, as agreed with the supplier. Under the deal, DraftKings will retain exclusivity to offer Hacksaw Gaming’s titles for two weeks after the provider’s launch in the Garden State.


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