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DraftKings and AGA Join Forces to Promote Responsible Gambling

DraftKings is joining forces with the American Gaming Association to promote responsible gambling. The operator will promote the AGA’s “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.” campaign both online and at its retail locations.

DraftKings Commits to Responsible Gambling with AGA

DraftKings, the leading US daily fantasy and sports betting operator announced on Thursday that it joined forces with the American Gaming Association (AGA) to help promote responsible gambling. Under the collaboration, the operator will promote the AGA’s Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly. campaign.

The campaign aims at educating consumers on responsible gambling. At the same time, Have A Game Plan aims at raising awareness of problem gambling. All 10 DraftKings’ venues across the country will be a part of the campaign. The operator plans on rolling out campaign signage, as well as electronic and physical posters at its retail properties. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to teach consumers to identify signs of problem gambling and learn how to practice responsible sports wagering.

Responsible Gambling Is Fundamental For the American Industry

Casey Clark, AGA’s senior vice president of strategic communications said that responsible gambling is a fundamental priority for the industry, considering that more than 100 million American adults can legally bet on sports. Furthermore, he acknowledged that educating consumers about safe and responsible betting is imperative.

Responsibility is a fundamental priority for the American gaming industry.

Casey Clark, Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications, AGA

Clark stressed that DraftKings’ participation in the campaign will undoubtedly help consumers. Last but not least, he thanked the operator for joining the cause to keep bettors safe and educated.

Besides DraftKings, more major sports league organizations have also supported AGA’s campaign. Among the organizations that have already joined the initiative, we find the PGA TOUR, NASCAR, as well as UFC.

AGA’s Campaign to Be Promoted Alongside DraftKings’ Proprietary Responsible Gaming Tool

Christine Thurmond, director of responsible gaming at DraftKings said on the topic that customer safety is paramount. Furthermore, she acknowledged that DraftKings is excited to join forces with the American Gaming Association. According to Thurmond, implementing the Have A Game Plan campaign alongside DraftKings’ proprietary responsible gaming and messaging tools will undoubtedly raise awareness in the consumers regarding responsible gambling and safer play.

We are excited to join forces with the American Gaming Association to promote their forward-thinking public service campaign, Have A Game Plan.

Christine Thurmond, Director of Responsible Gaming, DraftKings

DraftKings’ existing responsible gaming framework dubbed “It’s More Fun When It’s For Fun” is going to operate alongside the Have A Game Plan campaign. By using its social media and digital marketing channels, the operator will raise awareness outside of its retail venues. Currently, DraftKings informs users on responsible gaming behaviors when they are first depositing, as well as regularly afterward.


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