December 7, 2021 3 min read


DraftFuel Unveils Two New Solutions That Allow Gamblers to Bet Responsibly

Philadelphia-based dedicated gaming savings fintech company DraftFuel has unveiled a new mobile application and a prepaid card offering with aim of helping gamblers to wager more responsibly.

DraftFuel Reveals Two New Products

Alex Cullingford, a co-founder of DraftFuel, said that the company was created with the clear goal of helping individuals to enjoy a guilt-free gaming experience, regardless of whether they previously played or not. He explained that the new app and the company’s upcoming content will be focused on mitigating problem gambling and aiding bettors in making smart and responsible decisions. 

Although any passionate bettors can the new products, they are specifically tailored to suit the needs of first-time punters and to help them cultivate the right betting habits. This design is in line with the tendency of more and more states across the United States of America to legalize some form of sports betting and DraftFuel’s mission of reducing gambling harm by introducing responsible gambling tools.

The prepaid card product has been created as a collaboration between DraftFuel and credit cards, online banking, home equity loans, student loans, and personal loans provider Discover. Therefore, DraftFuel users can use their cards in all the places where Discover’s payment options are accepted. Discover Global Network’s global business development, Dane James, spoke on the partnership:

“Partnering with a company like DraftFuel is an example of how we’re introducing exciting new payment methods into a growing industry.”

Discover Global Network global business development Dane James

The Solutions Allow Users to Select One of Two Methods for Betting Responsibly

DraftFuel is also a partner of Central Payments. As such, it is well-positioned for creating strong responsible gambling solutions. Thanks to the access to Central Payment’s entire payments ecosystem, as well as its vast network of industry leaders, DraftFuel has established a robust system for its new app and prepaid card that allows users to collect money in their DraftFuel accounts in two ways.

The first method works by permitting users to connect one of their own debit or credit cards to the application. Then, the software monitors the movements of money, calculates everyday expenses for necessities, and accumulates spare change that can be then used for placing a bet.

The second method resembles a more classical deposit limit. However, instead of setting a maximum amount that they can spend a month, customers select a fixed percentage of their bank deposits, which then gets automatically transferred to their DraftFuel account.

DraftFuel believes that both approaches will help people to enjoy the thrill of betting, without risking it becoming more than a hobby and harming their lives. The company is sure that providing first-time bettors with a way to play using true discretionary funds will inhibit the chances of them becoming problem gamblers.

DraftFuel is designed to be compatible with all big online casinos, sportsbooks and fantasy sports operators.


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