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Dogecoin Joins Cloudbet List of Casino Currencies

Cloudbet joins the list of companies to “let the Dogecoin out” echoing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s half-joking endorsement of the currency that has reached $49.8 billion in net capitalization.

Cloudbet Adds Dogecoin as Viable Currency

If Mark Cuban and Elon Musk say Dogecoin is a currency worth betting on, there must be a grain of truth there after all. Cloudbet is following in the DOGE bonanza by launching the Dogecoin crypto casino and essentially adding the meme currency as a viable payment option.

Yet, as Cuban said himself, “it’s not a joke anymore.” Doge gamers who set up their accounts at Cloudbet will have a shot to claim 10,000 DOGE as first-timers, a modest but still worthwhile incentive.

While skeptics continue to jest about DOGE, and some people have called the success of cryptocurrencies “disgusting,” Dogecoin’s market capitalization hit $49.8 billion, or more that of Twitter and Ford Motor Company which are worth $44.1 billion and $45.2 billion respectively.

Capitalizing on Dogecoin’s Growing Interest

The currency has so far jumped 8,000% in 2021, egged on by Musk’s antics and joking approval of the coin, and not least the WallStreetBets sub-Reddit which led the offense against GameStop short-sellers earlier this year. The answer to the question “who let the DOGE out” is now “Cloudbet, too.”

“Many members [of the community,] are rabid Shibes,” a Cloudbet spokesperson said, and the only logical follow-up for the company was to cater to demand and deliver Dogecoin. The listing of Dogecoin expands the website’s list of supported currencies, which number 12 strong alongside such mainstream options as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Tether, and more.

The combined total of the 12 coins accounts for over 80% of the total cryptocurrency market, by which Cloudbet argues that you can use some of the most trusted and popular digital assets to join in on the gaming action.

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