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Best Reddit Gambling Communities

Gambling is often advertised as a lonely business, but the truth is gamblers are social creatures by definition. They crave the validation of their peers whenever good luck smiles on them and produces a hefty win that gives them a heady feeling of warmth. Some players love to chatter about gambling in person, but others have gathered in dedicated online communities to discuss strategy, brag about their wins, or admittedly share their own stories as a warning to others. 

Today, we have put together a comprehensive list of Reddit gambling communities where you will find like-minded people and be able to discuss every important bit there is to gambling. To help you navigate the social gambling circles, we have shortlisted all relevant communities you may be interested in joining.

#1 Reddit Gambling

Gambling is the largest sub-Reddit dedicated to generic gambling stories. The forum is about promoting health and responsible gambling and focuses on personal stories, mockery of the cultural cliché about gamblers, and a good chat. The sub-Reddit is dedicated as a place where people come together and share their own stories, leave a comment or just post their own thing, whether this is a meme, brag of their most recent big win, or something different that still relates to gambling.

#2 Reddit Sportsbook 

Reddit Sportsbook is one of the most vibrant communities where the discussion is exclusively focused on sports betting. The sub-Reddit covers a variety of topics, from everyday betting discussions to boxing, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, soccer, tennis, Dog of the Day, and more. 

You will find daily topics that discuss the best odds and fixtures out there and have any sports betting-related question answered pronto by some of the most knowledgeable betting peers out there. With over 200,000 active “degens,” /r/sportsbook is well worth visiting if you are into sports betting. 

#3 Reddit Horse Racing 

The /r/horseracing sub-Reddit is focused entirely on horse racing in the United States. Forum readers discuss current events in the industry, post various picks about upcoming events and especially the Triple Crown, discuss selections, or share their most recent winnings or near misses. Eventually, you will see a detailed guide delving into horse race betting and what popular strategies you should pick up to make your next betting round more successful. “Handicappers,” as the forum subscribers are known, will always offer friendly advice or pitch in a worthwhile discussion. 

#4 Reddit Poker

Now, there is little doubt that poker is a game of skill and not gambling but still, so far as gambling forums go, Reddit’s /r/poker is one of the busiest discussion boards when it comes to the game. You will find all sorts of great talks going on.

Some members of the forum are there for purely recreational purposes, sharing their new chips and card sets. Others will discuss the World Series of Poker or even post some recent poker stories that will impress casual and professional players alike. You will find inspirational stories, advice, and perhaps even the opportunity to study under fellow poker players.

#5 Reddit Blackjack

Ever since MIT’s infamous team stormed casinos, interest in blackjack has been soaring. Phil Ivey himself, a famed poker player, has managed to generate substantial wins at Las Vegas’ blackjack tables, leading to some controversies on occasion. Nevertheless, blackjack is as popular as ever, and the /r/blackjack sub-Reddit is there to answer all your questions, share a friendly chat and discuss the state of the game. Anyone looking for the best places to play blackjack online and offline will find the forum useful! 

#6 Reddit Baccarat

Baccarat is a minnow of a sub-Reddit where you will find the occasional guide about the game and a few recommendations as to what casinos have the best baccarat tables. You will find answers to popular questions in the forum that deal with the game’s specific nature. Members are interested in finding out more about viable strategy choices and smart plays that allow them to gain a small advantage. There are few worldly gossips from the world of baccarat as well, but overall not too much going on here.

#7 Reddit Roulette

Roulette is one of the pearls of any casino, and as such, it enjoys sufficient interest from players. Now, while the roulette community isn’t as tight as the sports or poker ones, there is still room for strategy discussion, teaching, and learning how to play better. The roulette sub-Reddit is dedicated to players who wish to share their experience with roulette in whatever capacity they see fit. Not too many people stick around, but there are some valuable nuggets of knowledge to take away from here. 

#8 Reddit Craps 

The Craps sub-Reddit is dedicated to the namesake game. While dice games aren’t too heavily played at casino floors, they hold some outstanding potential to help you win a little more during your next gaming session. As a result, the Reddit Craps sub is a source of inspiration, advice, and recommendations. You can check out some of the prime Craps spots around the United States and have a nice field trip. Better, you may discover some like-minded people to team up with and hit the Vegas Craps tables.

#9 Reddit Video Poker 

Reddit’s sub-forum dedicated to video poker is very small. It still holds the best “domain name,” and if you are looking to contribute or liven it up a little, this is your chance. The forum has people sharing their wins, talking about going down a pro path, and whether such a choice is feasible. Video poker is a very solitary business as such because it’s played on slots-like machines. Nevertheless, the community would benefit from coming together and sharing worthwhile tips. 

#10 Reddit Problem Gambling 

Problem gambling is an issue, and with the industry’s growing popularity in the United States, addressing it head-on is important. Anyone who suffers from problem gambling or knows someone who does is always welcome to seek help at /r/problemgambling. The sub-Reddit is dedicated to solving the issue and mostly assisting and directing individuals to the pertinent helplines and organizations that are equipped with the necessary tools to address the issue at hand. Many of the topics are stories of redemption or people seeking help.

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