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Difficult Times for Connecticut, Foxwood Casino Announced Layoffs for Employees

The closure of Foxwood Casino and Mohegan Sun along with other businesses due to COVID-19 was a big hit for the State of Connecticut. Two months later both employees and employers are still trying to shake off the pandemic and re-start business.

Foxwood Resort Casino Planning Layoffs

The Foxwood Resort Casino was ordered to close back in March. Since then, the company has been struggling as nearly 5,000 employees were furloughed. Recent announcement by Foxwood noted that layoffs can be expected from May 31 onward. Although the casino has kept the health benefits of all employees, according to the recent announcement, those will be discontinued.

The main reason is that the lockdown has extended beyond any expectations. Cited by FOX61, Foxwood noted:

Although we took the immediate steps needed to preserve jobs and effectively position us for the future, ultimately, this pandemic has been cruel in many ways and we need to adapt and evolve based on the current environment.”

Although casinos were not allowed to re-open as of Connecticut’s phase I plan, Foxwood is making internal planning of such future reopening. As a part of this plan, re-hiring of some of the employees may be needed. Foxwood is likely to first reopen Great Cedar and Grand Pequot casino floors. Next might as well be the Grant Pequot Hotel in order to serve drinks and appetizers.

Mohegan Sun Also Closed for Business

Foxwood casino is not alone in this distressing endeavor. Mohegan Sun is another industry giant that similar to Foxwood was ordered to close down. Keeping the doors closed since March, between Foxwood and Mohegan Sun, near 10,000 employees were furloughed.

Given the near two month shutdown, Mohegan Sun is also having a difficult time considering the missing income. Cited by Connecticut-based newspaper, The Day, Mohegan Tribe’s chief of staff, Chuck Bunnel commented on the subject: “We are continuing to provide benefits to our team members that are furloughed and tribal leadership has not made that difficult decision to transition to layoffs at this time.

Connecticut is yet another US state that wasn’t missed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Soon to be two months since the lockdown which is aiming to reduce the spread of the virus, many businesses and employees face a difficult time.


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