October 17, 2023 3 min read


Detroit Casino Workers Near Massive Strike Over Contract Disputes

The Detroit Casino Council, representing 3,700 employees across five unions, made the announcement on October 16 following unsuccessful negotiations for a new labor contract

Detroit casino workers are on the brink of a massive strike set to begin at noon on October 17 unless an agreement is swiftly reached between unions and the city’s three major casinos. This development marks the first time in Detroit’s history that casino workers have contemplated such a drastic measure.

Detroit Casino Unions Demand Reasonable Wages Amidst Tech Shift

The unions, including UNITE HERE Local 24, UAW, and Teamsters, have been in intense negotiations with casino management since early September, seeking fair wages, improved healthcare benefits, and job protections amid the implementation of new technologies in the gaming industry.

According to union leaders, casino workers demand wage increases in line with the soaring profits reported by the casinos in 2022 and 2023 after the pandemic-induced shutdowns, reported the Detroit Free Press. Workers argue that fair compensation is essential given the rising cost of living and inflation rates. 

Susan Gallagher, a seasoned bartender at Hollywood Casino at Greektown, conveyed her worries about the potential threat to their jobs posed by technological advancements. She mentioned that they understood they could not halt the progress of technology but emphasized the necessity to safeguard themselves.

The strike threat has shaken up Detroit’s gaming industry and raised concerns about the potential economic impact. 

Patrick Nichols, a dealer at the MGM Grand, shared his worries about the challenging economic climate pointing to the high inflation and cost of living. He noted that the negotiations are a matter of survival.

Detroit Workers Await Fair Contract Amidst Looming Strike Threat

The Detroit Casino Council’s decision to strike comes after months of fruitless negotiations. The council accused casino management of being uncooperative and failing to deliver a fair contract for the workers. While significant progress has been made, an agreement has yet to be reached, leaving casino operations in jeopardy.

Representatives from MotorCity Casino Hotel expressed their commitment to bargaining in good faith and achieving a fair contract. A representative commented that although substantial headway had been achieved, they had not finalized a deal with the Detroit Casino Council. The spokesperson emphasized their dedication to negotiating sincerely and securing a contract that treated their employees fairly while ensuring their company’s competitiveness in the industry.

As the clock ticks down to the strike deadline, the fate of Detroit’s bustling gaming industry hangs in the balance. The workers, resolute in their demands, stand united, hoping for a fair agreement that will secure their livelihoods and the future of their industry.


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