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Denise Coates Retains 16th Spot on Sunday Times’ Rich List

Denise Coates and her family were situated between Alex Gerko and Anders Holch Povlsen on the Sunday Times’ latest Rich List

Denise Coates and her family, who have been topping the Sunday Times Tax List for several years now, once again found themselves on the news outlet’s Rich List. Taking the prestigious 16th spot on the list, Denise, John and Peter Coates and family have an estimated net worth of around £8.975 billion ($11.15 billion).

The sixteenth place is notably the same place the family behind Bet365 occupied in the 2022 list. According to the Sunday Times, the Coates’ wealth increased by £158 million ($196 million) since last year.

The bet365 brand was created in 2001 after Denise Coates borrowed GBP 15 million to launch the brand. The gambit quickly proved to be a resounding success, with bet365 now cemented as one of the best operators in the UK.

Because of the size of its gambling brand, Denise Coates is one of the biggest taxpayers in the United Kingdom. Last year, Coates had a personal income tax of $642 million, placing her at the top of the list.

There Were Some Major Changes

At the top of the Rich List were Gopi Hinduja and family with £35 billion. The Indian-born businessman operates the influential Hinduja Group, which is behind companies such as Gulf Oil International and IndusInd Bank. The current result translates to an increase of over £6.5 billion.

Next up on the list is Sir Jim Ratcliffe with £29.69 billion. His chemicals business INEOS skyrocketed in 2023, resulting in a wealth increase of a whopping £23.61 billion.

Ratcliffe was followed by Sir Leonard Blavatnik, who is a famous music and media investor. Thanks to his company, Access Industries, Blavatnik is now worth £28.63 billion, an increase of £8.63 billion.

David and Simon Reuben and family, meanwhile, were relegated to the fourth spot on the list. Their worth, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, is £24.4 billion, representing an increase of £2.13 billion.

Sir James Dyson and family, previously second, fell to the fifth spot with £23 billion. Their worth did not increase or decrease significantly, the list claims.

Denise Coates and her family, on the other hand, are situated between Alex Gerko and Anders Holch Povlsen. Gerko, previously ranked 89th, propelled himself to the prestigious 15th spot with £9.13 billion (an increase of £7.13 billion). Povlsen, on the other hand, took 17th place with a worth of £8.5 billion.

You can check the full list on the Times’s official website.


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