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Delaware Lottery Seeks New iGaming Partner

The Delaware lottery has opened up its exclusive iGaming contract for new bidders, potentially ending 888’s nearly 10-year tenure

The Lottery has issued a request for proposal (RFP), opening the doors for several high-profile operators to compete for the coveted position. This decision can significantly impact players in the state, especially considering that the Lottery is also considering introducing online sports betting. The process should complete by late spring after an intense round of presentations and negotiations.

Only Three Operators Match the Requirements

iGaming in Delaware has been under the sole management of 888 since the operator first signed its exclusive contract with the state Lottery in 2013. The agreement received several extensions, cementing 888’s position as Delaware’s de-facto gaming operator. However, the Lottery’s recent decision to open the doors for new bidders may end the UK-based company’s sole reign.

Despite the Lottery’s willingness to reach out to new partners, the RFP criteria are exceedingly strict, limiting potential choices to several high-profile operators. The extensive list of requirements limits potential applicants to those who already maintain a presence in the USA and can offer a wide range of products. If we consider online poker a must, that leaves only 888, BetMGM, and PokerStars.

888 Will Be Hard-Pressed to Maintain Its Position

The RPF states that the process should finalize by the end of spring. Applicants can submit any written questions by 3 February and must enter their submissions by 17 February. 1 March to 15 March is reserved for talks with vendors, and negotiations with selected partners will begin on 24 March.

The wording of the requirements is a cause of worry for 888, as they imply an operator with online sports betting experience would have an advantage- a field the UK company lags behind compared to some of its competitors. 888 US President Howard Mittman discussed the matter with online news portal pokerfuse, expressing hope that the operator’s previous track record would help it to pull ahead of the competition.

(888) has enjoyed a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship with the state of Delaware, and we look forward to the continued opportunity to work with the state.

Howard Mittman, 888 US president

888’s position in Delaware has gone from a virtually undisputed monopoly to highly uncertain in just a few weeks. While the operator’s significant experience in the state may prove sufficient to win it another five years, it will have to fight tooth and nail with some of the industry’s most high-profile players.

Losing the exclusive contract will be a significant blow to the UK gambling giant, whose stocks have already suffered after its disappointing Q4 financial results. The company is very much in need of good news, and securing its position in a highly profitable market can be just the boost it needs to alleviate any rising concerns. However, 888 will have to prove its mettle during the coming exciting months.

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