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Deadly Shooting Interrupts Chiefs Victory Parade

The 22 people who were hit by the gunfire included nine children who, luckily, are expected to make full recovery

A deadly shooting has ruined the celebratory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving at least one person dead. The assailants didn’t spare children either, hurting almost a dozen kids.

The shooting follows last weekend’s Super Bowl which saw the Kansas City Chiefs triumph over the San Francisco 49ers. Fans in Kansas City held a parade to celebrate their city team’s victory without expecting it to end in grief.

According to the latest information as of the time of this writing, a total of 22 people were shot, one of whom died. Among the others, eight sustained life-threatening injuries, while another seven suffered injuries that could potentially be life-threatening. The rest of those struck by gunfire suffered non-threatening injuries, according to Kansas City authorities.

The 22 people who were hit by the gunfire included nine children who, luckily, are expected to make full recovery. These included individuals aged between 6 and 15.

As mentioned, one person, later identified as DJ Lisa Lopez, host of “Taste of Tejano,” unfortunately died on the spot.

The adult victims were rushed to Truman Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital, while the hurt children were rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Three Men Were Arrested, No Charges Have Been Made Official

In the shooting’s aftermath, local authorities apprehended three people believed to be connected with the shooting. Luckily, there were already over 800 police officers tasked with monitoring the parade, who acted immediately. More details about the three arrestees are yet to be published.

According to reports, fans of the Chiefs apprehended one of the shooters. The Chiefs themselves were not hurt and, despite the stress, worked to calm down scared children.

The attack sparked an outrage on social media as people accused the violence. Their sentiments were echoed by the Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves who expressed her condolences to the victims and their families and slammed the senseless shooting.


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