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DAZN Bet Launches in Spain

DAZN Bet continues to break ground with its European expansion. After a successful launch in the United Kingdom this August, the sports betting operator will now make a foray into Spain as well. The company has big ambitions to “reinvigorate the casual betting market” with socially-charged experiences.

DAZN Bet Goes Live in Spain

DAZN already has a presence in Spain through its streaming service. This is a great setup for DAZN Bet’s growth once it launches in the country as local bettors are already familiar with the brand. DAZN’s broadcasting and sports betting services are best enjoyed together as they perfectly supplement one another.

Spanish bettors can now access DAZN Bet either by visiting DAZN Bet’s online website or by using the official DAZN app. By using the company’s broadcasting and sports betting products, sports enthusiasts can greatly boost their engagement and enjoy unparalleled sports betting experiences.

DAZN’s products target the casual bettor and are well-suited for both people who wish to play recreationally and seasoned gamblers. Furthermore, DAZN promised to enhance its offer in Spain by adding more betting options at a later date. In addition, the company plans to allow Spanish customers to use its localized site to purchase tickets for sports events and trade sports-themed NFTs.

DAZN Continues to Grow

DAZN continues to steadily grow its European footprint. The United Kingdom and Spain are two of the Old Continent’s biggest betting markets, which will help the company capitalize on Europe’s love for sports.

To further support its expansion, DAZN has secured a team of decorated professionals that knows how to help the company move forward. For example, DAZN Bet is now headed by the knowledgeable Mark Kemp, who has years of experience in the sector.  Other industry veterans are also working hard to cement DAZN as a leader in both sports betting and broadcasting.

It should be also mentioned that within the last three years, DAZN managed to significantly grow the scope of its streaming services. A few weeks ago, the sports specialist acquired ELEVEN Group’s sports media division in a move that cements DAZN as a global leader in live sports streaming. Thanks to this agreement, DAZN will become the official broadcaster of Belgium and Portugal’s top soccer leagues.

At the end of August, the Super League Triathlon joined the DAZN family, allowing the broadcaster to stream all STL for the next year and a half.


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