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DAZN Adopts GeoComply’s GeoGuard Solution

GeoComply is glad that DAZN has opted to trust its GeoGuard solution

A few weeks after penning a new broadcasting deal, DAZN, a global leader in sports streaming, has signed a new agreement with GeoComply, a leading provider of anti-fraud and geolocation solutions and tools. Under the deal, GeoComply will leverage its GeoGuard solution to protect its sports content from fraud and geolocation spoofing.

GeoGuard is a robust tool that is capable of detecting 98% of all anonymous IPs. The solution boasts an advanced rules engine, ultra-low false positive rate and hourly updates. Thanks to its unparalleled location spoofing protection, GeoGuard helps companies reduce fraud, piracy and helps them remain compliant with the local rules.

Thanks to the deal, DAZN will be able to leverage robust geo-blocking while reducing the risk of fraudulent activities on its platform. The tech further cements the streaming leader’s commitment to providing exciting content to sports fans while preventing fraud.

As the leading global sports streaming and entertainment platform, DAZN has 20 million premium paying subscribers across 200 jurisdictions. The company’s business model is reliant on price differentiation across its global user base, which is why the GeoGuard deal is so important.

DAZN Trusts GeoComply to Protect Its Business

James Clark, CeoComply’s general manager of media & entertainment, commented on the deal with DAZN. He said that GeoGuard is a reliable solution that is sure to protect its partner’s content. GeoGuard excels in protecting premium sports content, popular shows, movies and other digital content from fraud, piracy and geolocation spoofing, helping companies block fraudsters.

Clark expressed his excitement about the partnership with DAZN, praising the company for choosing GeoComply’s products:

We are excited that DAZN will now be leveraging the value of our industry-leading solutions, starting with GeoGuard.

James Clark, GM of media & entertainment, GeoComply

DAZN’s chief technology officer, Sandeep Tiku, also commented on the matter, highlighting his company’s absolute commitment to fraud prevention. He explained that his team is always looking for the best tools needed to protect DAZN’s business.

Tiku pointed out that the sheer size of DAZN’s business and its coverage of the most prominent sporting events require robust solutions, such as GeoGuard.

GeoGuard far exceeded our expectations during our recent tool evaluation testing. We are now delighted to be working with GeoComply as a new partner.

Sandeep Tiku, CTO, DAZN

In March, DAZN improved accessibility to its content, launching DAZN 1 HD. Earlier this year, the company had to postpone its IPO plans because of financial hurdles.


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