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David Fletcher Reportedly Faces MLB Investigation amid Gambling Claims

Amid allegations of Fletcher's participation in sports betting, the League reportedly launched an investigation

Earlier this year, Shohei Ohtani, the globally recognizable Japanese baseball star who is a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers, was tangled into a gambling controversy. The case that raised eyebrows involved the star’s interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara, who was initially suspected of stealing $4.5 million from Ohtani’s bank account.

Mizuhara was then charged in April and the sum he allegedly obtained from the baseball star increased to a whopping $16 million. On different occasions, Ohtani revealed that he was unaware that his friend and interpreter took the hefty sum without his authorization.

The criminal case becomes increasingly entangled with the investigation uncovering the alleged involvement of Mathew Bowyer, a bookmaker who is at the epicenter of a federal investigation into underground gambling. To add further fuel to the fire, David Fletcher, former Los Angeles Angels’ infielder, was also reportedly linked to the betting scandal with Mizuhara.

Now, according to a new report released by ESPN, Major League Baseball (MLB) has opened an investigation in light of the allegations against Fletcher. The publication cited a source within MLB who revealed: “Government cooperation will be crucial in a case like this where we don’t have evidence.” Undoubtedly, the probe will require resources and collaboration with the government as the MLB will need to uncover necessary evidence.

However, the primary question here is where this evidence will be sourced from. It is unclear whether or not law enforcement or federal agencies such as the FBI may be involved in the criminal case. Also remains to be confirmed what evidence may be uncovered and whether or not it will be sufficient to prove the guilt or innocence of Flether and others involved in the gambling scandal.

The Angels’ Infielder Is Suspected of Wagering on Sports

According to ESPN’s MLB source, if a player is found to have placed illegal wagers but did not place bets on baseball, they may walk away with a financial penalty instead of suspension. However, players who have been found to be involved in wagering on baseball may face harsh penalties, including temporary suspensions or even a lifetime ban from the sport.

Allegations against Fletcher claim he wagered through Bowyer. It is believed that he placed bets on different sports between 2018 and 2023 with the exception of baseball. However, one of his friends, the former Kansas City Royals’ , Colby Schultz, is suspected of placing bets on sports, including baseball and games that involved the Los Angeles Angels, while Fletcher was with the team.


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