June 16, 2023 2 min read


Danish Gambling Regulator Highlights Danske Licens Spil Shortcomings

The Danish gambling authority, Spillemyndigheden, has rebuked Danske Licens Spil A/S over two same-customer offenses, citing AML failures

According to the regulator, Danske Licens Spil – which is the country’s national lottery operator – did not carry out the prerequisite enhanced customer checks in the case of a player who had a history with the operator and had been spending sufficient amounts to trigger a more comprehensive response by the operator.

Spillemyndigheden argued that the player in question had spent enough money to warrant further checks – known as enhanced checks in the regulatory jargon – but was instead allowed to continue playing. The checks that should have been applied did in fact take place, but the regulator said that that happened “much later.”

The second charge against the entity has to do with the Money Laundering Act and it again focuses on the same customer. According to the regulator, Danske Licens Spil did not notify Denmark’s Anti-Money Laundering Secretariat in two particular cases of suspected money laundering.

No Enforcement Action against Danske Licens Spil

Denmark has not usually been in the habit of going after locally licensed operators, as the country has a robust regulatory framework that has been normally followed to the letter. The latest case, however, has highlighted the watchdog’s ability to still remain on top of all activities in the market and not grow complacent over time.

Danske License Spil will not face any regulatory action, however, as the shortcomings identified by the regulator have been overcome in a timely manner. However, the watchdog has highlighted the case as a reminder for licensed operators to ensure that they toe the regulatory line.

In the meantime, Spillemyndigheden has been working to actively strengthen its knowledge of regulated gambling, with the watchdog recently joining the United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports.


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