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Danish Gambling Authority Posts Report on Help Line Performance

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, has published a report regarding the operation of its gambling helpline called StopSpillet with the main focus on who and how the helpline is used.

5,656 People Have Turned to StopSpillet Since January 2019

The StopSpillet gambling helpline has been operational since January 2019 when its telephone lines opened up to the public. Later on, in December 2022 a chat function was also introduced.

Since its first day of operation, StopSpillet has received a total of 5,656 calls and chats with 57% of them coming from problem gamblers. Relatives turn to the helpline to get help quite often as well, making up 39% of all inquiries.

Professionals such as doctors, teachers, and social workers also make inquiries to the helpline of about 4% but usually, they ask for assistance with a particular case.

The report shows an interesting juxtaposition of the prevailing sex when it comes to the percentages of women and men calling gamblers or relatives. In the gambler category, 87% of the requests come from men, while in the relatives category 66% are women.

35% of all gamblers are younger people in the age group 18-25. The report also shows that many of the problem gamblers have encountered gambling at an early age, usually before they turned 18.

When it comes to relatives, those are usually women in the age group 46-55 who are either the mother or spouse of the gambler.

The majority of the requests come from people that gamble online with 32% of people reporting they are playing casino games, while 30% do sports betting online. Consequently, a total of 62% of problem gamblers play online, while only 26% gamble in a physical venue.

StopSpillet Serves Its Purpose Well and Reaches Set Goals

The report by Spillemyndigheden highlights that, according to polls answered by callers, user satisfaction is at a high level.

StopSpillet has managed to live up to the goals set when it was established and helps its users get information on the treatment opportunities that are available to them.

Additionally, the report made clear that the StopSpillet helpline reaches the exact target group it was meant for.

In view of the fact that in May 2022 research was published that showed the number of people with gambling problems is increasing, the results published by Spillemyndigheden about the StopSpillet helpline seem very promising.

Lastly, Spillemyndigheden works continuously to spread awareness about StopSpillet through various campaigns on TV and social media as well as advertisements at bus stops and train stations.


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